Rotating Equipment - avoid downtime, shorten response time, reduce costs

We keep your assets running 

24/7- Pumps, turbines and compressors have to run smoothly - around the clock, day in, day out. They form the core of many production plants. They convey liquid or gaseous raw materials as well as end products in the process industry and keep them moving. Demands on the productivity and availability of rotating equipment is therefore extremely high. Expertise and many years of experience are needed to avoid the costs associated with downtime.

Bilfinger Rotating Equipment - customer added value

Keeping an eye on the entire lifecycle

From manufacturer-independent consulting through to repairs, ongoing optimization and maintenance, Bilfinger delivers an extensive range of services over the entire lifecycle of the rotating equipment. We look after ongoing operations and guarantee process security and the highest level of availability. 

The service package is supplemented through a large rental pool with 20,000 pieces of equipment including pumps, electric motors and frequency inverters.

There is a tremendous need for rotating equipment services due to lack of expertise in this area in many companies.

Expertise, experience and comprehensive services for smooth production processes

Competence from a single source
Knowledge of equipment from multiple manufacturers and decades of experience with rotating equipment ensure the highest-quality services.

These include, for example:

Experienced technicians and engineers support customers as early as the planning/concept phase and work on continuous optimization in the operation of the assets.

Predictive maintenance by means of vibration monitoring with own sensor VibraCheck or, for example lube oil analysis to avoid downtime.

Workshop services:
OEM-independent complete services with detailed damage report and solutions-oriented overhaul.

Rental pool:
Saving investment costs through the rental of pumps, electric motors and frequency inverters. Simple and fast provision of replacement equipment in case of damage to the rented equipment. 

Packaged units:
Rotating equipment as a complete system - engineering, pipe and steelworks, assembly, automation and controls from a single source.

We take care of all rotating equipment and accessories:

- Gas / steam-turbines 
- Piston, screw & turbo compressors
- Electric motors and generators
- Centrifugal pumps
- Canned motor pumps
- Metering pumps
- Diaphragm pumps
- Side channel pumps
- Liquid ring vacuum pumps
- Blowers
- Gears for agitators extruders and blenders
- Relief valves
- Actuated valves
- Mechanical seals

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Bernardo Sequeira

Bernardo Sequeira

Bernardo Sequeira

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Competent partner for rotating equipment

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