Industrial Tube - How to Capture, Enrich and Provide Knowledge

Preserving expertise as a generation of workers gets ready to retire

Industrial Tube is a video platform for businesses enabling highly skilled workers to share their knowledge within the organization, across borders and across generations.

It is the answer to the rapid ageing of our society that is making itself felt everywhere, including the workplace. The demographic shift means that many professionals will retire in the next couple of years and that fewer young people are available to take over. It also means that critical knowledge is about to be lost.

Bilfinger Industrial Tube – a solution for sharing knowledge digitally

From Cross-Generational Workplaces to the Digital Transfer of Knowledge

Paper-based forms of preserving organizational knowledge, or ones that require many different manual steps in order to obtain the information sought, are neither scalable nor user-friendly. Our objective was to build a solution that was suitable for the target group, user-oriented and modern.

With the Industrial Tube solution, expert knowledge can be shared with straight-forward video messages. Simple to use, easy to find, available worldwide and for many languages, using subtitles.

Industrial Tube allows you to capture the knowledge that constitutes your competitive advantage and to preserve it within your company.

Franz Braun, Managing Director BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT

Industrial Tube adds value

  • Capture, secure and share company knowledge
  • Increased safety with clear instruction videos 
  • Advanced training possibilities
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased potential to save time and money

The Platform for Industry Knowledge uses AI and Machine Learning

With the Industrial Tube App, users can film individual work steps of an activity on a smartphone, aided by a simple step-by-step guide.

Once recorded, the finished video is uploaded to a cloud-based platform, the Industrial Tube Web Portal. By using artificial intelligence, the videos get enriched with multi-lingual subtitles and keywords.

These keywords help find and share the finished video in the customized Industrial Tube web portal.

Industrial Tube App and Web Portal

Solution details: 

  • Safety instructions before recording
  • Consideration of work safety
  • Defined workflows for process safety
  • Transparent copyright notes 
  • Content check by supervisor 
  • Controlled access


How does it work? Introduction video for Industrial Tube

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Augmented Reality for Industry

The Industrial Tube App also works with smart glasses, allowing tasks to be performed with both hands while recording the video.


[Translate to English:] Industrial Tube app also works with smart glasses

Industrial Tube - Solution Details and Setup

Industrial Tube - Solution Details and Setup

Strategic Business Partner Microsoft

The Industrial Tube Web Portal uses the machine-learning video indexer based on Azure