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Remote Internal Inspection



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Storage tanks play a vital role in various industries for storing liquids and gases. Routine inspections are essential to identify corrosion, leaks, structural issues, and ensure compliance with safety regulations such as EEMUA. Traditional inspection methods involve human entry into the tank, which is hazardous, time-consuming due to scaffolding and rope access requirement, and expensive.

In response to the challenges, Bilfinger was mandated to explore a safer and more efficient alternative to conduct an internal Visual Inspection of a storage
tank without the need for personal entry.


Bilfinger has adopted Drone Inspection into their tank inspection procedures to enhance safety and efficiency while fully aligning with EEMUA’s principles. This forward-thinking solution utilises the ELIOS 3 (latest UAV technology) to remove the need for personal to enter confined spaces. This inspection solution offers a faster, safer and more repeatable inspection.

This advanced UAV technology offers a built-in HD camera and thermal camera with integral lighting, all within the protection of strong carbon fiber
structure tolerating collisions up to 15km/h.

Added value:

  • Eliminated the need for scaffolding, or rope access personnel, reducing operational costs
  • Drastically reduced inspection time, achieving a time savings of approximately 90% compared to conventional methods
  • The utilisation of cutting-edge LiDAR mapping technology facilitated the creation of intuitive reports on a 3D model of the asset. Simultaneously, the
  • capture of points of interest during flight and their seamless integration into a high-density point cloud significantly improved the speed, accuracy,
    and consistency of the data localisation system
  • High definition thermal camera function capable of producing high quality footage and still images
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