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Buffer & Stock Solution, Main Distribution, Process Equipment and Piping


Global Pharmaceutical Company Northern Europe

Pharma & Biopharma

Design, fabrication and delivery of 13 process modules


  • Extended basic design, detail design, fabrication, FAT, bring-in, re-assembly, commissioning, SAT
  • 27 Skids with 39 vessels (500 L - 16.000 L), material 1.4404/1.4410/PVDF
  • E-design, MCC-cabinets and cabling
  • Special equipment such as big-bag station, sack tip cabinet
  • Extensive FAT/SAT procedures equivalent to tests performed in subsequent qualification (IQ, OQ)


Fabrication and mechanical installation of pipes, fittings and valves in a new building as well as hook-ups in existing building


  • Procurement, (pre-) fabrication, installation, FAT, SAT of
    • Overall piping 14.500 m
    • Pipe Rack Modules incl. FAT and offsite IQ testing
    • Insulation of piping


Process equipment and piping


  • Design & Build
  • 40 vessels built in 27 skids and connected by 15km utility piping
  • (Pre-) fabrication in 8 different fabrication sites located in 4 countries
  • Maximal degree of pre-fabrication (process equipment as well as pipe routes)
  • Optimized QA approval procedures to allow optimized scheduling for bringing-in and with minimal onsite works
  • JIT delivery of large components
  • Handover of customer specific equipment- and test-documentation extending to 927 paper folders


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