Offshore wind park: Bilfinger successfully completes €100 million project

February 25, 2016

The engineering and services group Bilfinger has successfully completed installation of a total of 72 foundations for the new Sandbank offshore wind park. The foundation elements were installed 90 kilometers west of the island of Sylt in the German North Sea with the help of a special installation barge in water depths of more than 30 meters. Work on the more than €100 million project began in summer 2015 and was completed on schedule in February 2016. The wind park is being jointly executed by Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München, the municipal utilities department of the city of Munich.

“Bilfinger has contributed its comprehensive technology competence to this project. We are a strong and reliable partner and we have once again proven it with this offshore wind park”, says Executive Board Chairman Per H. Utnegaard.

A comprehensive noise protection system developed with a key contribution from Bilfinger, was used to noticeably reduce noise pollution for marine fauna during the construction phase. It was thus possible for the first time to fully meet the strict requirements of the public authorities for the installation of the piles.

Bilfinger Offshore Systems has cutting-edge expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of offshore foundations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. A total of more than 630 foundations for wind turbines, metering masts and substations have been built to date.

As part of its strategic repositioning, Bilfinger is disposing of a number of non-core activities, which is why this unit was put up for sale in 2015.

Pacific Orca - a ship designed specifically for offshore installations.

(c) Bilfinger Offshore / U. Wirrwa