Optimisation of seawater desalination plants in Abu Dhabi and Mirfa

August 09, 2016

Bilfinger to modernize three desalination plants and one remineralization plant in Mirfa and Abu Dhabi. Hyundai Engineering and Construction has awarded Bilfinger Deutsche Babcock Emirates with contracts worth €4.6 million, which will run until December 2016. The scope of services includes the modernization and increase in output volume of the desalination plants and the refurbishment of the ancillary plants as well as the retrofitting of the remineralization of the distillate for drinking water.

“We were able to convince the customer of our competence and performance in an intensive qualification and tender process. We are pleased to be involved in one of the most important current seawater desalination projects in Abu Dhabi”, says Jürgen Riedel, Managing Director of Bilfinger Deutsche Babcock Emirates.

As soon as the new construction is complete, the renovated old plant will be integrated into the Mirfa Independent Water and Power Projekt (IWPP). The IWPP will produce 1.6 GW of electricity and 136 million liters of drinking water a day and will be gradually brought into operation in 2016 and 2017 to provide the United Arab Emirates with electricity and drinking water over the next 25 years.

Should you have any questions about the project, contact Richard Chacksfield,  richard.chacksfield[at]bilfinger.com