Patented serial welding method guarantees high quality

October 16, 2014

Quadro the welding robot from Bilfinger Rosink consistently guarantees high quality, productivity and efficiency with its completely automated and patented welding method. It precisely carries out the laborious manual procedures required when welding heat exchangers. This competence in the TIG welding technique can be transferred to any recurring welding tasks. The focus of the robot is primarily on hard to reach areas and welding a large number of seams.

Bilfinger Rosink utilizes a variety of welding methods. The "right" procedure thus has to be chosen for every task; only in this way are highly durable and permanent joint connections formed. The principles for this are many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the various procedures for welding heat exchangers by hand, sometimes with sizes of up to 30 meters. Quadro the welding robot now makes use of these competences and supplements them with comprehensive routines for quality assurance and the documentation of welding joints.

The completely automated welding of piping bundle heat exchangers enables extremely precise welding joints. Notably, this precision is achieved by retaining the trajectory that was set for the burner and welding joint; the position of the robot's arms are recalibrated automatically relative to each pipe's welding requirements. The robot is capable of producing a joint continuously 360° around the pipes in a single step. Bilfinger Rosink was awarded a European patent for the method at the beginning of the year.