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The constant change between working in the office and on-site at the customer, the diverse range of tasks and contact with people, that's what I love about my job."


Thorsten Teske's smartphone rings. He just got a new text message: “Thorsten, we have to talk! Bring some croissants.” Our colleague doesn’t quite know what to expect. At the agreed time, Thorsten Teske heads out to the meeting point with a few fresh Gipfeli (which is what they call croissants in Switzerland) in his bag. As it turns out, a former colleague wrote him the message to recruit Thorsten Teske for a job at Bilfinger Industrial Services Switzerland. The conversation among old friends enjoying delicious baked goods convinces him: Thorsten Teske is going to join Bilfinger.

He has now been part of the Bilfinger team for seven years. Since joining the company, he has climbed the career ladder - from insulation technology technician to technical specialist for insulation. “The constant change between working in the office and on-site at the customer, the diverse range of tasks and contact with people, that's what I love about my job,” says Thorsten Teske. “Every day and every assignment are different - so there is rarely any boredom.”

His work is in demand throughout the world and Thorsten Teske gets around a lot. “I’ve already been to clients in Argentina, Poland, Spain and Japan for Bilfinger. I’m currently in France where I’m completing a project,” he says of his assignments abroad.

He particularly remembers the project in Japan in early 2021. Not because of the Corona pandemic and the associated 14-day quarantine, but because of the unique team. With the exception of Thorsten Teske, the team was made up entirely of Japanese. In addition to the technical challenges with the project, there were also language hurdles to overcome. “We work together with employees from the respective countries. We are also supported by interpreters. And otherwise we just get creative with communication,” smiles Teske. The team was jointly responsible for renewing pipelines, turbines as well as vessel insulation from scratch. Despite the language barrier, the cooperation worked out excellently and the project was successfully completed. Moments like that are special for Thorsten Teske.

WE MAKE IT WORK is more than just words for him - it’s a motto he lives by every day in his job. Together with his team, he implements projects in line with the individual wishes and needs of the customers. Overcoming challenges requires more than just professional competence. The team behind each project is critical to the successful completion of the job. “We're a young team and the open communication at Bilfinger, regardless of the position, creates a great working atmosphere. We are motivated and eager to deliver top performance for our customers,” says our colleague.

In addition to a young, dynamic team, his job also offers him the opportunity to constantly grow and develop. Another positive aspect, according to Thorsten Teske: “You never stop learning at Bilfinger. I am proof of that myself: I am currently in the middle of my master craftsman qualification and insulation master craftsman exams. I have passed the first two exams and am about to graduate. What the future holds - let’s see. One thing is for sure, a new challenge awaits. If you want to explore the world and do varied and exciting work in foreign countries, joining Bilfinger is just the thing for you.” Thorsten Teske is still looking for new colleagues for his team: “Especially with the increasing number of orders, we still really need motivated employees.“

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