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I feel I am accepted and know that I am always challenged and encouraged in my daily work."


Working in an international and multicultural environment and growing at work - that was crucial for Piotr Gwóźdź when he applied for a job at Bilfinger Multiserwis. “I was looking for a change professionally and I found the idea of working in an international environment exciting. Bilfinger Multiserwis is a very well-known employer in our country. Many of my friends recommended the company to me, and so I ended up applying for a job at Bilfinger”, explains our colleague.

Piotr has been part of the Bilfinger team since 2008. He started as a foreman and now works as a site manager in Poland. “I am very grateful that the company has recognized my potential, because it has allowed me to constantly improve my qualifications”, says Piotr happily.

As part of his daily work, he puts together groups of employees for tasks at construction sites, tunnels as well as prefabricated construction projects. He is in constant exchange with the customers. He also implements processes to improve occupational safety on the construction sites. “Safety comes first every step of the way. Continuous process improvement is important when it comes to safety. This includes breaking new ground and constantly questioning and optimizing our own standards”, Piotr says. There is never a dull moment, because there are new challenges that Piotr has to solve every day. This is exactly what makes his job at Bilfinger so varied.

In addition to his tasks, Piotr particularly enjoys the collaboration with colleagues and customers. “Bilfinger is an international company, so you have to deal with people from different countries, which is really fascinating. Besides that, I like building relationships among people – something that is especially important in our work on the construction sites. The better the team works, the better the outcome”, Piotr emphasizes.

Our colleague is grateful for the appreciation shown to employees at Bilfinger. Good work and commitment are seen and encouraged. “I feel I am accepted and know that I am always challenged and encouraged in my daily work”, our colleague explains with a smile.

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