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Once a vacation jobber, 
now an industrial mechanic

I really wanted to do some practical work first and find out what I really like"


High School graduation, completing his traineeship as industrial mechanic in record time and now being an integral part of the Bilfinger Maintenance team in Leuna. This is the life career of 22-year-old Matthias Winter.

Why a craftsman’s trade? "I really wanted to do some practical work first and find out what I really like," says Matthias. In numerous internships, including a vacation job and an internship at Bilfinger, he was able to get deeper insights into this work field during his school days. Bilfinger Maintenance in Leuna convinced him from the beginning – this is why he has continued working in the company’s mechanical engineering department.

Bilfinger Maintenance Leuna is responsible for the maintenance of the huge methanol plant of the TOTAL refinery. Methanol is one of the most important raw materials for the chemical industry. The employees of the refinery operate the plant and the industrial service team, which Matthias is part of, ensures that it runs smoothly.

What does a typical work day of Matthias look like? "I mainly deal with pumps. We look at the mechanical seals, change them if necessary, and repair pumps. We check the impellers, the condition of the pump housings, change motors together with electricians, measure bearing and shaft play, set the barrier oil pressures daily..." – variety is guaranteed. Besides, he also finds time to serve as volunteer fire fighter and play the accordion.

His next goal: the technician traineeship. Good luck, Matthias!

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