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At Bilfinger, I always have the opportunity to go above and beyond."


Approximately 600 kilometers away from home with a new team and a new project where major challenges await her. When there are challenges, this is precisely when Katarzyna Pracka is in her element. Katarzyna has successfully mastered a number of challenges over the course of her professional career. Bilfinger has been a common thread running through it all: She worked at Bilfinger Tebodin for five years, then moved to another employer in Poland. However, after just one year, Katarzyna decided to return to Team Bilfinger because: “At Bilfinger, I always have the opportunity to go above and beyond.”

Katarzyna is currently managing a project for Bilfinger in Kostomłoty (Poland). Here, a new wind park is being built that, once finished, will have an output of 27 kW of electricity. As a project manager, she is responsible for getting the job done on time, so not only does she have to see that the team delivers well, she is also in communication with the client and investors as well as the local authorities. This is where Katarzyna Pracka finds fulfillment in her work. Because every wind farm project is different. The construction itself is generally quite similar, but it is the details that make each project unique for Katarzyna - details such as the location or the size of the wind farm. Different challenges await her on each project, including the quality of the bolted elements of the foundations, the timely delivery of materials and even soil conditions. Precise management and an experienced, smoothly functioning team are critical, so that the problems that arise can be overcome together.



This teamwork is what Katarzyna values most about her work. “For my current project, I live about 600 kilometers away from home for several months. On weekends, I travel home to my husband. My workdays are usually long and require a lot of concentration. That’s why it’s important to have a team that you can rely on and where everyone supports each other. To be successful in the job I do, you have to be a genuine team player”, says Katarzyna.

As a project manager, she works together closely with her team. She coordinates colleagues' tasks, writes reports and exchanges ideas in meetings with clients, her team or even investors. And, most importantly, she keeps a close eye on the schedule so that Bilfinger can deliver the order as agreed with the client. “WE MAKE IT WORK, is not just a slogan at Bilfinger, it is something we live every day on the project,” Katarzyna says proudly. “Our passion for complex projects and our team spirit enable us to complete challenging assignments for our clients.”

If you are looking for exciting challenges that make you grow every day and if you want to achieve great things together with a team, Katarzyna can highly recommend becoming a project manager at Bilfinger.


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