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From everyday work on the Hinkley Point C project



This is a really fascinating project. When the nuclear power plant is connected to the grid, it will supply 6 million households in the UK with electricity"


Our employee Jiejing Luo is currently supporting an order for our customer Edvance. Bilfinger is accompanying construction of the  Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant. “This is a really fascinating project. When the nuclear power plant is connected to the grid, it will supply 6 million households in the UK with electricity”, says Jiejing.

Nuclear power is one way of generating low-carbon electricity. Over the decades, reactors have become more modern and powerful. Bilfinger has positioned itself to deliver its decades of expertise to the nuclear industry.

As a civil engineering graduate with experience from construction of the Chinese nuclear power plant Taishan EPR, Jiejing is made for her current task. She works in the office of the customer in Paris where she coordinates the project work. It is important to be in constant exchange with all those involved. “It’s perfect for me. I really enjoy exchanging information and ideas with people and I am happy that we will have the opportunity to complete the project together. Communication is essential, especially with such highly complex projects”, says Jiejing.

Jiejing sees added value in Bilfinger’s international status. She is currently in contact with colleagues from Poland, Romania, Germany and Great Britain. “This contact makes my work very interesting and multi-faceted”, says Jiejing happily. Jiejing has been working at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH for four years and likes the challenges that her job in the nuclear industry presents. This is exactly what Jiejing missed in her previous position when she moved from China to Germany in 2014. When she heard that Bilfinger was involved in the project in the UK, it was clear to our colleague that joining Bilfinger was just the right thing to do.

What Jiejing particularly appreciates at Bilfinger is the open communication at all levels of the company. “I can approach my supervisor with any issue or idea that I might have and he always has an open ear. We at Bilfinger are like a small family. We support each other - for me, that makes for a pleasant working atmosphere”, Jiejing explains and also adds: “My colleagues are experts in their field, and we all benefit from that. No matter where they sit, I can ask them for advice and support. That makes an international group like Bilfinger an attractive employer for me.”

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