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“No task is too difficult for
an engineer”

As a team, we drive projects forward and develop solutions together. This allows us to share our knowledge and work more efficiently."


Jens Martin Schubert developed an interest in science at an early age. At school, he took advanced chemistry and biology, and after graduating from high school, he studied chemical engineering with a focus on plant design and process technology. “My studies allowed me to combine my interest in natural science with my passion for technical subjects”, explains our colleague.

He has now been working as a process engineer at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH (former: Bilfinger EMS) for almost ten years. When it comes to the projects, he is generally involved as early as the preparation stage of technical quotations and later, as a Process Engineering Project Manager, he is responsible for basic and detail engineering as well as the commissioning of the finished plant.

“My job is all about developing solutions for process engineering plants that ensure success. When problems occur, we can' t afford to give up; we have come up with a constructive approach to solving them. Researching previous solutions and developing new approaches is also part of my job. I am often consulted when there are issues specific to chemistry because of my studies and my interest. And that's what makes my job so exciting, because every project has its own challenges that have to be overcome. The greatest reward is then to see how the plant that has been constructed ends up at the customer's site and successfully does its job,” explains Jens Martin Schubert.

What our colleague appreciates about Bilfinger is the confidence of his superiors and the possibility to organize his time freely. Because every project places has different demands in terms of time. In addition, he sees as a great advantage of Bilfinger that the company is a valued service provider in the industry, which means that, on the one hand, exciting projects can be implemented and, on the other hand, the knowledge of an entire Group can be leveraged.

WE MAKE IT WORK is especially true for him with regard to finding solutions. “Generally, when we start a new project, we work together in an interdisciplinary team of four to five people from those departments that are most important to the project. We drive it forward and work out solutions together. This allows us to share our knowledge and work more efficiently,” our colleague explains.

In particular, Jens Martin Schubert is looking forward to a larger number of HAZOP studies that he will lead and moderate this year for a long-standing customer. These are recurring safety assessments in which a team of five to eight people systematically examine one plant section after the other with regard to plant safety and, if necessary, derive measures to increase plant safety. Our colleague appreciates the opportunity to gain insight into processes that are still unknown to him.

“If you enjoy tricky tasks in exciting projects and the search for solutions, you are in the right place at Bilfinger. What I would advise applicants who are still studying is to gain practical experience through internships. That made it easier for me to start my career. Other than that, applicants should always have an interest in technical topics and plant engineering,” says our colleague.

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