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A company is only
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the people who work there

Bilfinger provides me with the necessary challenges so that I can grow and constantly improve my skills."


Fatema Kazerooni began her career at Bilfinger Middle East in Bahrain a year ago. After completing her studies in civil engineering, it was clear from an early stage what she expected from her future profession. “I knew that I definitely wanted to work in a team. I am very communicative, I enjoy getting to know new people and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. On top of that, I wanted to have a job that comprised both technical and organizational tasks”, Fatema explains. 

This is exactly the job that she found at Bilfinger. In her daily work as a civil engineer, she is responsible for communication between the client and the project team. She also coordinates and organizes the distribution of tasks among the team members and ensures that everyone is in the right place at the right time. What she particularly likes about the job is the solidarity within the team. “We support each other. If there are any questions, we try to help each other. Even the supervisor always has an open ear or an open office door”, she says with a smile. She also particularly likes the international character of Bilfinger. Colleagues from other units can be called in very quickly if expertise is needed. As a result, the existing pool of knowledge and experience expands enormously. Everyone at Bilfinger is pursuing the same goal: “We want the customer to be satisfied and recommend us to others. To get to that point, we are all pulling in the same direction all over the world - and we are making it work”, Fatema emphasizes.

What is important to her, in addition to the teamwork and the diverse nature of the job, is to follow her own path. “A company should not only focus on its own road to success, but also encourage and challenge its employees. Because a company is only as good as the people who work there. I recognize what I can achieve and where I want to go. I am a strong woman. It is important to stand up for yourself and stand behind your competences. Bilfinger provides me with the necessary challenges so that I can grow and constantly improve my skills”, explains our colleague.

She advises those starting out in their careers to draw on the knowledge of experienced colleagues. But to also go their own way and stand up for their own ideas and approaches. “The engineering profession has long since ceased to be a job that is only for men. We women can do it just as well”, Fatema points out. For the future, she would like to see more women enter this profession - to see them grow and pursue their goals with exciting tasks.


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