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Drew Richardson

I have a really good team that I lean on, and we lean on each other. It’s a group effort."


Drew Richardson is the HSEQ Director/HSEQ Regional Manager for Centennial Contractors Enterprises and is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Drew has been with CCE for six years where he started as a project safety manager. He now has a dual responsibility of covering the Southeast Region and Corporate Safety oversight nationally.

What is your favorite project/assignment so far?

Ultimately, leading the team has been phenomenal for me. When I first joined CCE, I spent time getting to know the people and local business in the Southeast region. This gave me the opportunity to lead the HSEQ team on a local level and really understand the challenges, nuances, personalities and idiosyncrasies of the business and the team.  Understanding my team at this level helps me shape my HSEQ message. I am passionate about helping others understand the value of workplace safety. My concern is to make sure you get home the way you came to work.

What are the values that drive you?

What drives me is having others’ best interest at heart and treating them the way I want to be treated. At the end of the day, I want you to be just as healthy and safe as I am.

What opportunities have the current circumstances created?

Working from home and not being able to travel has presented new methods of communication.  My team and I have been utilizing Microsoft Teams and FaceTime among other platforms, even for “virtual” site walks.

What have been “stand out” moments for you during this period so far?

Keeping it all together and dealing with changes have been part of my standout moments, but I have not done it alone. I have a really good team that I lean on, and we lean on each other. It’s a group effort. Everything we do we do as a team. Being able to keep the team strong and keep the culture moving forward is a big deal. My team has a connection and understands “this isn’t about [just one person]; it’s about the whole”.

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