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As an engineer,
I create miracles

The greatest feeling and reward for me is to see projects come to life after all the planning and designing. It's like a small miracle every time"


Deshni Nagan started her career at Bilfinger Steinmüller Africa as an engineering trainee in 2020 after completing her studies in mechanical engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. During this time, she gained insight into the kinds of things an engineer does and supported various departments including design, 3D modelling, purchasing, production and project planning.

After her time as a trainee, she joined Bilfinger as a junior mechanical engineer. What excites her most about her job are the results she sees from her work. “The greatest feeling and reward for me is to see projects come to life after all the planning and designing. It's like a small miracle every time”, says Deshni Nagan.

During her time at Bilfinger, she has quickly learned that every project is challenging in a different way and that good teamwork is crucial for success. “With projects, challenges always come your way and they have to be solved quickly and efficiently. We manage these challenges as a team. We make the projects work, support each other where we can and motivate each other. Because we want the customer to be satisfied with both our performance and the project once it is completed. But each individual in the team also has his or her own quality expectations and wants to do the best they can”, says Deshni.

“When I was a trainee, I learned a lot about the engineering profession and about myself. Through training and support, I got better every day and was able to gain experience that has been extremely helpful for me. The team welcomed me with open arms right from the start. They challenged and supported me every day. I couldn't have imagined a better start to my dream job and I am very happy to be part of Bilfinger”, reports our colleague.

She is currently working on 3D design and technical support during the manufacturing phase for  the high-pressure heaters project  for a South African energy supplier. “With 3D technology, projects can be more accurately planned and visualized. On the one hand, this makes the engineer's work easier and, on the other hand, the project can be presented visually to the customer. That's why I particularly enjoy working with 3D design”, our colleague points out.

If Deshni could wish for something for the future, it would be that more women would take the step of entering the engineering profession and are interested in this activity. Finally, Deshni emphasises: “Currently, the profession is still very male-dominated, but I am firmly convinced that women are also very good engineers. Anyone who is looking for a diverse working environment and an opportunity to develop themselves and work closely in a team, Bilfinger is the right place."

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