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Bilfinger SE Annual General Meeting

Executive Board outlines strategic direction: repositioning as No. 1 for efficiency and sustainability

  • Dividend: Dividend distribution of €1.30 per share resolved
  • Strategy: Broad support for greater focus on efficiency and sustainability
  • Presence: 51.68 percent of share capital represented at the virtual Annual General Meeting


Mannheim. Thomas Schulz, Group CEO of Bilfinger SE, and Matti Jäkel, Group CFO, presented the company's revised strategy and the positive development prospects it creates to shareholders at today's virtual Annual General Meeting. In his report, Thomas Schulz explained the company's repositioning as No. 1 to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the Group's customers. “We are seeing strong demand for our solutions in all areas: Be it for operating industrial plants more efficiently, ensuring energy production is safe and more climate-friendly or facilitating the expansion of renewable energies with technologically advanced solutions,” Thomas Schulz explained.

Shareholders approved the proposal by the Executive Board and Supervisory Board to distribute a dividend of €1.30 per share for financial year 2022. This enables shareholders to participate in Bilfinger's positive operating performance in the past financial year. In relation to the share price at the end of 2022, this represents a dividend yield of 4.8 percent. The payout ratio for financial year 2022 in relation to adjusted net profit is around 60 percent and is thus at the upper range of Bilfinger’s dividend policy. This calls, depending on foreseeable medium-term development of the company, for a distribution of between 40 and 60 percent of adjusted net profit and continuous growth.

A total of 51.68 percent of the share capital of Bilfinger SE was represented at the Annual General Meeting. Results of the voting on the individual agenda items have been published on the company’s website at


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Please find further information on the Annual General Meeting 2023 here.


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