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Mineralz: From an empty plot to a 3D model





After the execution of a conceptual design for Mineralz in 2019, Bilfinger received the award for the Basic Engineering for the new Mineralz greenfield plant. The core business of Mineralz (a subsidiary of Renewi) is cleaning and recycling of mineral waste streams. Mineralz separates metals from residue of waste-to-energy plants and clean the residue until there are no more specific charges or regulations, resulting in new raw materials that can be reused.

In order to expand their operations, Mineralz intends to build a new greenfield plant. Bilfinger received the order to further develop the conceptual design, that had been created in 2019, into an optimized process and Basic Engineering Package including wastewater treatment in which a maximum reuse of water will take place. In this new process, even all the collected rainwater on site is used.

A client integrated and combined team between Mineralz and Bilfinger worked hard on the design, taking into account all on-site logistics. Mineralz provided specialists with specific knowledge of the dry and wet cleaning of mineral waste streams and Bilfinger brought in the required technical disciplines and Process Safety consultants ensuring a clear project structure. This close collaboration proved fruitful in keeping the project on track and, amongst others, designing the layout and logistics of the site, clarifying technical designs with vendors and evaluating offers.

The engineering included a +/- 10% CAPEX estimate, supported by equipment quotations and vendor clarification meetings. Regular CAPEX updates throughout the project allowed the team to make adjustments immediately where needed.

Although the planning was tight and some changes had to be incorporated, Bilfinger finalized the Basic Engineering in March 2021. The team transformed the empty plot from Mineralz into a 3D model ready for realization to the full satisfaction of the client.



  • Conceptual engineering
  • Basic engineering

We are proud that Mineralz chose to award us the Basic Engineering after successfully executing the conceptual design for them. The core business of Mineralz is a great example of the circular economy, which is an important topic for Bilfinger."

Cor FaberProject Manager at Bilfinger

We are very pleased with the performance of Bilfinger. They delivered the basic design of our new greenfield plant on time and within budget. The team showed they possessed the skills and expertise needed for this project and delivered the agreed quality."

Onno VeenendaalManager engineering & maintenance at Mineralz

Added value from Bilfinger

  • Valuable components that can be reused constitute a new and interesting business model for the customer.
  • Delivery of basic design within time and budget, regardless of a tight planning and changes to be incorporated.
  • Customer integrated team with specialists from Mineralz providing specific knowledge of the process and Bilfinger specialists providing the required technical and process safety knowledge.
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