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Haider Kashat is completing an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for industrial engineering at the Bilfinger site in Ludwigshafen, Germany. In this people story, he tells us what he likes about his job, what his usual daily routine as an apprentice looks like and what ideas he has for his career after he completes his apprenticeship.

Frankly, I couldn't imagine anything better than training at Bilfinger."

Insights into training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering

As the interview progresses, it quickly becomes clear that it is not possible to describe what it means to be an apprentice in just a few short answers: “Training to become an electronics technician for industrial engineering is extremely diverse - you learn a lot”, explains Haider. Asked if he can provide a few examples, he notes: "We learn a lot about control technology, we work on circuit diagrams, we wire circuits and take care of the commissioning of electrical components.”

One feature of the apprenticeship is that trainees work on various projects over a longer period of time – sometimes independently and sometimes as part of a team. What Haider particularly likes about this concept is that there are a lot of new things to discover: “The number of new experiences means that you notice when you make progress in your learning. There are some project steps, for example, that are now really easy for me - a few weeks ago that was unthinkable.”

Haider’s working day generally starts at 7:30 am and is over at about 3:30 pm. “We usually have a short breakfast break at 9:00 am and lunch at 11:45 am. I think it’s good that we have such a regular daily routine!” The continuity helps Haider to pursue his hobbies alongside his training: “I usually go to soccer training twice a week. Sport after work is always good for me. I also meet up with my friends regularly.”

Training at Bilfinger as the ideal start to your career

When asked whether he has any suggestions for improving the apprenticeship at Bilfinger, Haider thinks for a moment before giving a clear answer: “Not really. Frankly, I couldn't imagine anything better than training at Bilfinger.”

Why is that the case? "There are a lot of reasons. Firstly, apprentices can complete training at the highest level. It’s a very good mix of theory and practice. We have trainers at our side who always support us and take a lot of time for us. Bilfinger also offers various events for trainees. Last year, for example, I was at our apprentice event in Herne and a few weeks ago I had a chance to help out at a job fair in Mannheim – it's fun to be able to get involved in a large company beyond the apprenticeship.”


Thinking outside the box: opportunities after training

Even though Haider is still in his first year of training, he already has for a clear idea of how he wants to develop his career after his apprenticeship: “I can imagine a number of different scenarios. I would be interested in further training as a technician. I could also very well imagine working abroad on assembly - there are a lot of different goals.” Although there is no shortage of ideas for further career planning, Haider believes it is important to think step by step: “At the moment, I’m focusing on completing my apprenticeship. After that, a lot of doors will be open to me!”


Status: March 2024

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