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Energy audit for Bluewater Energy Services B.V.


Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

The NetherlandsBelgium

Bilfinger Tebodin performed a European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) audit for its customer Bluewater Energy Services B.V. The EED became active in 2012 and part of this directive is the performance of an EED energy audit that must be renewed every four years. Since we performed an EED energy audit for Bluewater in 2016, they asked us to renew it after four years based on the positive experience they had with us the first time.

Energy specialists from Bilfinger Tebodin performed the EED energy audit at the Bluewater test facility in the Netherlands. In this facility, mechanical seals for large swivel joints are tested that are used in the offshore industry to transfer liquids and gasses to and from single point moored floating installations. The test facility consists of a two-story office building with a workshop behind it where the tests take place. 

When conducting the energy audit, we took a number of steps. First we visited the site and had a kickoff meeting with all important stakeholders. During the site visit, we studied the facility and counted all the equipment. From lights to computers and server rooms, to production components. It is important to count everything, so we can make a division between the different equipment and their share of the total energy consumption. This provides us with a clear overview and makes us able to check if the energy consumption of the equipment is logical. We took pictures of nameplates on specific components and requested a map of the facility to calculate the floor space.

The next step is to analyze the data. For the identification and selection of energy saving measures, we use a specific approach. We analyze the energy consumption and identify possible energy saving measures. Then we calculate the expected annual cost impact as a result of the measures and determine the investment and payback period. Lastly, we conduct a feasibility study of the energy saving measures. The last step of the EED energy audit is to draft a report that offers the customer insight into their energy consumption and possible energy saving measures. With this report, they are compliant tot he EED energy audit fort he next four years.

  • Energy Saving Study
  • Feasibility Study

Added value from Bilfinger

  • Experience conducting EED energy audits for various companies
  • Required disciplines in-house
  • Knowledge of the European Energy Efficiency Directive and how to be compliant

Photo credit: Bluewater Energy Services B.V.

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