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Coldbox Renewal



United Kingdom

Bilfinger UK's ISP Department were tasked to renew two coldboxes as part of an ongoing client campaign whilst their plant was offline.

This provided our team an excellent opportunity to showcase our alternative access capabilities.


Our team began by cleaning all areas on the coldboxes using a power washer, after which they re-painted all areas on the coldboxes with a spot prime and 2 coat system.

They then applied the client's logo stencil to the large coldbox north face, with the north, east and west faces completed using 125’ boom lift or existing platforms. The south face of large coldbox was be completed using rope access due to no access for boom lift, meaning zero scaffolding needed to be erected.

Added value:

  • Rope access allowed for a cost saving of 49.59% versus the original scaffolding estimate. This is based on a 3 man rope access team, including one LVL 3 operative. Versus a scaffold platform consisting of 53t of materials with a 4 week hire duration.
  • Rope access also allowed a reduction in overall man-hours required on the job, potentially reducing the likelihood of an injury, dropped object, or other incident. Utilising rope access generated a reduction in man-hours of 39.78% versus a scaffold platform being erected for the job.
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