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Apprenticeship at Bilfinger as the key to success

Björn Jürgensen is an electrical switchgear tester at Bilfinger Life Science Automation, a Bilfinger unit in the northern German city of Flensburg. In this people story, he talks about his career to date, why his apprenticeship was a formative experience for him and what specifically he likes about his job.

An apprenticeship at Bilfinger as the foundation for a wide-ranging career

Björn’s career at Bilfinger got underway back in the summer of 2016. As an apprentice electronics technician for industrial engineering, he was introduced to the many facets and different project steps of EI&C technology at an early stage. In the course of his apprenticeship, he was able to specialize in control cabinet construction and assembly – i.e. commissioning, wiring, maintenance and testing.  Looking back, Björn also sees his apprenticeship at Bilfinger as an excellent way to launch his professional career: “An apprenticeship at Bilfinger is well known in the entire region around Flensburg for a high level of quality, practical orientation and intensive support.” Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Björn completed his apprenticeship at the top of his class in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

“My professional development does not end with my apprenticeship”

Since he has his apprenticeship behind him now, it would be particularly worthwhile to ask him if he has any advice for current and future apprentices. “At Bilfinger, you are really given everything you need to successfully complete your apprenticeship. I would generally recommend that school-leavers ask as many questions as possible, be curious and have the courage to take on responsibility.”

Björn agrees that completing his apprenticeship does not mean that he is through with learning. That’s why, after his apprenticeship, he decided to take the exam to become a certified industrial foreman. He successfully completed his training at the Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy in February 2023.

International focus: Business trips to France, Sweden and the Faroe Islands

Today, Björn works as an electrical switchgear tester at the Flensburg site. No two days are the same: “I don’t think I have ever experienced a normal daily routine in my job. There are days when I work more as part of a team, and other days when I work more on my own. Sometimes work takes me to a Bilfinger site, sometimes I travel to customer sites. My tasks can also differ from industry to industry and are therefore very different.” Björn has also already accumulated a number of international assignments over the course of his young career: "In exceptional cases, it happens that I also travel to a customer site abroad to work on the equipment at the location. This gives you an opportunity to see something of the world, which I really like!” Björn has already been on assignments in France, the Swedish capital Stockholm and the Faroe Islands.

In order to pass on his knowledge and experience, Björn has also recently taken on the role of substitute instructor at Bilfinger. Because he has a master craftsman’s certificate, he has been granted permission to act as an instructor.  On a substitute basis, he works with apprentices from different departments and provides advice on exam preparation: “Both sides benefit from this. I can pass on the knowledge I have gained and the experience I have already collected, and, on the other hand, I can learn from the apprentices and always keep up to date with what is going on from a theoretical point of view.”

Status: August 2023


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