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Arrested External Corrosion Assessment



DenmarkVereinigtes Königreich

Bilfinger Danmark A/S was contracted by one of our clients to provide a more accurate solution to the task of quantifying the extent of arrested external corrosion damage on various sections of pressurised pipework.

The traditional approach for this type of inspection is to perform a visual inspection and with best endeavours, attempt to quantify the wall loss with the standard measurement tools available (pit gauges, rulers etc.).

The traditional approach is not only time consuming, it can introduce significant sizing errors. The following are just some of the limitations:

  • Physical restriction when trying to depth size without adjacent flat surfaces
  • Results can vary considerably from operator to operator due to human factors
  • Final reports are time consuming to generate and not always clear and in most cases require a more detailed follow up inspection in order to perform a fitness for service assessment (FFS)

The end result provides the client with a relatively low confidence factor in the results presented, therefore more conservative tolerances need to be applied during FFS assessments. In some cases, this might be the difference between plant shut down and continued service


In order to provide a truly accurate, repeatable, and efficient method of inspection, Bilfinger introduced 3D laser scanning technology to the project. Utilising
the industry leading laser scanning technology from CREAFORM®, the solution offered significant improvements in accuracy, simplicity, portability and speed.
The technology was able to offer a true 3D representation and accurate depth measurement (accuracy of 0.025mm) of any corrosion damage.

Added value:

  • Record true 3D representation at high resolution (1x1mm)
  • Accurate depth measurements (0.025mm accuracy)
  • More efficient and accurate than traditional pit gauge measurements
  • Fast data acquisition to increase efficiency
  • Can be used in hazardous environments and in conjunction of Rope Access
  • Simplified reporting, export in csv. Data sets for automatic upload into client FFS software
  • Ability to review data post inspection
  • In-built ASME B31G & B31.8 compliant software - FFS evaluations, Estimate burst pressure calculations
  • Predict failure paths
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