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Don’t be afraid to aim higher

From welding trainee to welding instructor, welding engineer and welding coordinator - that is Anna Skogö's career path. At Bilfinger, she is responsible for welding procedures and standards at four customer sites in Sweden.

At Bilfinger, I’m enjoying the openness and honesty. I find room for improvements – that’s a culture I appreciate."

After school, Anna thought about starting a career in business. But her father pushed her in the direction of the skilled trades. “I’m a trained welder for stainless steel, black steel and high-maintenance steel”, Anna explains. “In the past, I worked on nuclear or oil plants. After a few years in the field, I got tired of travelling to different sites. That’s why I started teaching young adults the welding trade. I even have my own YouTube channel where I show some of the training classes.”

Initially, Anna wanted to work as a teacher. However, she had the opportunity to change her position and worked as a welding engineer in the aerospace industry. “I’m always looking to develop myself further to get a higher education”, Anna underlines. Last year, Anna was contacted by Bilfinger via LinkedIn. The Bilfinger office in Stenungsund is close by Anna’s hometown and the job sounded very interesting to her. “I started at Bilfinger in October 2023. I’m working as a welding coordinator. My job is to check the welding standards. We work in the piping construction, and it is important that all pipelines are correct. I coordinate the documentation to create the standards and also check our welding procedures with regards to the regulations and local laws”, Anna emphasizes. “We want the customer to be satisfied. It’s up to us to build the pipelines properly.”

Together with her Bilfinger colleagues on site, the so-called Quality Controllers, she works for customers mainly within the oil and chemical industry. Anna is very passionate about what she does: “It’s a three-station rocket: I’m working for pipelines today that will be used in future, using experience and know-how form the past. It’s fun and I never get tired of working.” She is in constant contact with people. “Getting in touch with my fellow welders, third parties, my colleagues in the office and customers on the construction site stimulates my mind”, Anna highlights.

“At Bilfinger, I’m enjoying the openness and honesty. I find room for improvements – that’s a culture I appreciate.” Since January 2024, Anna has been back at university, where she is completing a part-time program to become a certified welding engineer. “I make it work, while working. I always stress that you shouldn't be afraid to strive for higher things, because that helps you develop as a person and helps the company along the way”, Anna explains.

As Anna concludes: “Bilfinger offers many opportunities for people who want to develop and seek new challenges to improve yourself. If you are hungry, Bilfinger will support you to achieve more. I haven’t experienced this culture at previous workplaces.”


Status: February 2024

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