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Silvia Murrell, NDT Inspector & Rope Access Supervisor, Bilfinger Danmark A/S



To retain curiosity and never be afraid to ask questions, there is always something new to learn."

Our NDT Inspector & Rope Access Supervisor, Silvia Murrell, who joined our Esbjerg team seven months ago and has shared her experience so far.



Q1: What does your job role involve?

A1: As an Inspector with UT 2.1/3.2 and ASME L1 Plant Inspection qualifications and a Level 3 Rope Access Supervisor, I work on a variety of projects inspecting both pressure systems and structures.


Q2: What do you enjoy about working for Bilfinger?

A2: To put it simply, the team. My Project Managers are super approachable, enthusiastic and progressive thinkers, willing to help me develop further. Also, being able to work with people from many different countries.


Q3: What advice would you give to someone wanting to follow your career path?

A3: To retain curiosity and never be afraid to ask questions, there is always something new to learn. Also to be flexible and adaptable as offshore is an ever changing environment where you can never compromise safety and quality of work.


Q4: What are your future career ambitions?

A4: I am shortly starting the ADSME L2 Plant Inspector course, hopefully in the future I can gain experience in this discipline and eventually have enough knowledge to become an OIE or a Site Inspector.


Thanks for sharing your insights from your role with us Silvia and what its like to be part of #TeamBilfinger! Do you want to know more about Bilfinger Danmark A/S - contact us: info.bdknospam@bilfinger.com

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