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Besuchen Sie uns auf der ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt am Main, der weltweit führenden Messe für die Prozessindustrie. Wir freuen uns, Sie an unserem Messestand (Stand D56) in Halle 9 begrüßen zu dürfen, wo wir Ihnen unsere neuesten Lösungen für mehr Effizienz und Nachhaltigkeit in der Prozessindustrie präsentieren werden.

Ihr persönliches Gespräch mit uns

Wir bieten Ihnen gerne die Möglichkeit, ein persönliches Gespräch mit unserem Team zu vereinbaren. Wenn Sie einen Termin vereinbaren möchten, wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an Ihren zuständigen Bilfinger Sales Representative oder Strategic Account Manager. Sollten Sie noch keinen Ansprechpartner bei Bilfinger haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an einen unserer Kollegen. Eine Übersicht finden Sie hier.


Deep Dive in unser Produktportfolio

Lernen Sie Bilfingers Portfolio auf der ACHEMA 2024 kennen. Unsere Experten präsentieren innovative Lösungen aus den Bereichen wie Engineering, Instandhaltung, digitaler Effizienzsteigerung und vielem mehr. Erleben Sie, wie Bilfinger die Energiezukunft mit dem Net Zero-Ansatz und Wasserstofftechnologien gestaltet. Tauchen Sie ein in Fallstudien und erfahren Sie, wie digitale Plattformen und Robotik die Sicherheit und Effizienz revolutionieren.

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11:00 - 11:30 | Ultrapure- and Wastewater Systems for Semiconductor and Battery Fabrication

Speaker: Micheal Kiefer

Semiconductors and batteries are key components for our future. Having production facilities in our home-countries has become important. Bilfinger as the No. 1 in Efficiency and Sustainability provides optimized Recycling and Reclamation solutions for the industry to be prepared for upcoming shortages in water and other resources.

14:00 - 14:30 | How Professional Maintenance Improves Plant Performance

Speaker: Oksana Roman

In the dynamic economy, companies must manage their production efficiently and sustainably. Professional maintenance is an important element of production efficiency and plant availability. The Bilfinger Maintenance Analysis (BMA) helps to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a maintenance organization, identify potential for improvement and define specific measures to optimize the maintenance organization and work processes.

16:00 - 16:30 | Efficiency through Digitalization: Proven App Suite for a Better Turnaround Performance

Speaker: Dennis Lubsch

As an innovating turnaround partner, we are developing our turnaround services constantly further. Achieving the highest safety as well as quality standards. Delivering turnarounds in time and budget. With our new Turnaround App Suite, we are covering the turnaround process holistically and enable greater efficiency. Allowing our employees to work with one system and at the same time being able to provide relevant data to our customers seamlessly.

10:00 - 10:30 | Bilfinger Maintenance Solution to Ensure Efficiency and Sustainability of a Plant

Speaker: Oksana Roman

The market environment is forcing operators to continuously improve plant performance, increase lifetime and optimize output towards end of life. Bilfinger Maintenance Solution (BMS) optimizes the plant’s maintenance performance through cost-efficient and transparent solutions, increased equipment reliability, a high level of safety, the right quality as well as an efficient and sustainable approach.

14:00 - 14:30 | The Net Zero Approach by Bilfinger

Speaker: Maja Vrcelj & Jordi Koes

The industrial sector must rapidly reduce its carbon emissions. However, most decarbonization strategies are not translated into executable roadmaps at site level. At Bilfinger, we recognize this urgency and offer a structured approach: Development of a Net Zero Roadmap, Design & Build, Operate & Maintain. We have already achieved significant energy savings and improved sustainability performance, as we will demonstrate in a case study.

16:00 - 16:30 | Fast Track Expansion of Cell Culture Facility Capacities at Locations in Europe and the USA (Case study)

Speaker: Pablo Pino Grace

Available production capacities are a key requirement within the pharmaceutical industry. The importance of a fast response with high quality and quantity medicine has been realized during the worldwide pandemic. Bilfinger, as one of the main suppliers of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, provides efficient and sustainable realization concepts to cover the needs of the Biopharma market.

10:00 - 10:30 | Digitalization and Robotics Driving Efficiency and Safety in Scaffolding

Speaker: Joe Wallinger

Hear and see how Bilfinger are using laser scanning and 3D design to digitalize scaffold planning in Process Plants to ensure “right first time” construction, how we utilise VR to improve safe working practices and how we deploy our robotic scaffold hoist to lift scaffold components efficiently and safely. A real example of continuous improvement in action: No.1 in Efficiency and Sustainability.

14:00 - 14:30 | Ensuring Efficiency & Sustainability: Maintenance Practices at a Battery Plant

Speaker: Jan-Erik Kukkonen

In the fast-paced environment of a battery plant, maintaining operational efficiency is paramount. Regular maintenance practices play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of equipment and the overall productivity of the facility. By implementing robust maintenance practices, battery plants can enhance operational efficiency, maximize uptime, ensure product quality, and prioritize the safety of workers and the environment. Continuous improvement and innovation in maintenance strategies are crucial for staying competitive in the warp speed evolving battery industry.

10:00 - 10:30 | Data-based Decisions – Bilfinger Collaboration & App Plattform (BCAP®)

Speaker: Alexander Berdin

BCAP® is a digitalization platform that enables efficient and profitable collaboration between Bilfinger and its customers. The platform provides a role-based solution for data-driven decision making with dashboards, KPIs and apps. For example, BCAP® can help our customers by significantly improving product quality and reducing waste.

14:00 - 14:30 | Precision Fermentation Enables Sustainable Food Production

Speaker: Gerald Berghammer

Current agricultural methods are neither sustainable nor efficient enough to feed the growing world population while reducing GHG emissions in line with the EU and UN-COP goals. Bilfinger offers solutions for precision fermentation, as a way to produce animal-free proteins using less land, water and energy, while reducing significantly GHG emissions compared to traditional live stock breeding.

16:00 - 16:30 | Bilfinger as Key Partner in the Energy Transition

Speaker: Massimo Pardocchi

Bilfinger plays an active role in the energy transition and offers sustainable solutions from a single source that cover the entire life cycle of a production plant.  Whether conventional, nuclear or renewable energy, Bilfinger's experts provide support from the conception to the implementation of strategic investments in industrial plants to increase their efficiency and help our customers achieve their Net Zero Goals in terms of climate neutrality.

10:00 - 10:30 | Utilizing Hydrogen – How Bilfinger Helps the Energy Transition

Speaker: Ulrich Trebbe

Bilfinger is at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution and uses its extensive expertise to manage the complex hydrogen value chain. With a focus on H2 readiness in industry and infrastructure, Bilfinger is paving the way to a greener future.
In the keynote, we will provide insights into our project approach, technology expertise in hydrogen treatment and the associated balance of plant as well as the market for the use of hydrogen, e.g. in power plants.

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