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Piping & Mechanical

The highest quality in welding and fitting: will you take up the challenge with us?

Achieve new heights

Our projects and customers are among the largest in the industry. Examples include giant pipeline construction and maintenance projects, as well as the construction or shutdown of extensive industrial facilities. At Bilfinger, you will work with important equipment and support an important mission: to increase efficiency in the process industry.



Pipefitter: Projects at the cutting edge

Whether you work in the workshop at one of our locations, or at our customer’s factory – your work is of great importance to our customers. After all, the pipe pieces must fit 100% and be of high quality to function in a high-risk environment. So an eye for detail is an important trait for a pipefitter. So you will have a lot of responsibility for a diverse range of tasks!

We at Bilfinger are regularly looking for entry-level and experienced pipefitters. View current pipefitter job openings at:


What does a pipefitter do?

As a pipefitter, you are responsible for independently performing small prefabrications and assembly according to specifications. Here are your duties:

  • You process and assemble metal pipes into prefabricated pieces of pipe
  • You always work with an eye for safety and quality
  • You make and place pipe branches, support and tracing systems
  • You are responsible for measuring, drawing and manufacturing pipe parts
  • You blind and unblind pipe systems
  • You perform pressure testing (filling, testing and bleeding)
  • You independently calculate loads and are able to estimate, apprehend and designate them.

Will you also become a pipefitter?


Welder: the best weld in the class

As a welder at Bilfinger, you work on welding industrial installations that have to operate 24/7. Sometimes at high temperatures or with dangerous substances. Nothing should be left to change here; the weld must be of very high quality. So the pipe welding, or laser welding, that we do in the industry also requires a high quality welder. Fortunately, you can also learn that at Bilfinger.

We are regularly looking for pipe welders at Bilfinger. View current welder job openings at:


What does a welder do?

As a pipe welder, you are responsible for welding, assembling and mounting piping and components. You will weld according to prescribed procedures. A great opportunity to work in cool locations and large projects in the industry! These are your duties:

  • Preparing welds (grinding, brushing, degreasing, forming)
  • Welding according to the prescribed welding procedures
  • Performing visual inspection of welding

Will you also become a welder?

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