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Project partner
for the process industry

Bilfinger Project Solution –
We make your projects more efficient

We are your multidisciplinary partner for the handling of your project portfolio from relatively small to large and complex projects. Our services cover the entire project lifecycle, from the concept phase through to construction including commissioning. With our extensive project experience and the approaches we have developed from it, we are able to deliver efficient project execution to our customers. In order to ensure consistency in the services tailored to the different project types, we have developed a modular and therefore comprehensive product: the Bilfinger Project Solution (BPS).

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Added Value

Advantages for our customers

  • Efficient project execution in terms of time, performances and quality
  • Highest level of safety
  • Integrated processes and methods in all from engineering to project execution
  • Multidisciplinary expertise
  • Internal production
Services and Markets

Services and Markets

Bilfinger can provide all services related to the different phases of a project from definition until realization. Different delivery models can be adopted depending on project type and customers´ requirements.

Our customers are in the markets of energy, life science, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, cement, metallurgy and others process industries.

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