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Bilfinger Belgium/Netherlands consists of several companies working together to form one Bilfinger. This allows us to offer a multidisciplinary service for our customers. You can find the history of the Bilfinger Group here:

Bilfinger Group

Below is an overview of the history of some of the entities in Belgium & the Netherlands.

Bilfinger Tebodin

Bilfinger Tebodin

Bilfinger Tebodin was founded and established in 1945 in The Hague, the Netherlands by Mr. Frederik van Iterson. At the time, the country was facing a period of post-war reconstruction. Our growth as a company is due in part to major historic events. These important events include: reconstruction after the Second World War, a decade of booming business, an era of environmental awareness, internationalization, and the new millennium. We have always developed along with clients' needs and we grew into more mature and dynamic partners with each economic cycle.

By anticipating technological and market development, we built up a reputation of excellence in the Netherlands, before taking our first steps abroad, starting in Abu Dhabi in 1974.

The company name ‘TEBODIN’ is an abbreviation for: N.V. Nederlandsch Technisch Bureau voor Ontwikkeling der Industrie (in English: Dutch Technical Agency for the Development of Industries). The name is a direct description of our original objectives: to make an active contribution to the technical and economic development of the post-war Netherlands.

In April 2012, our consultants and engineers became part of Bilfinger. Being part of an international firm offers Bilfinger Tebodin’s clients a distinctive platform that offers an even broader scope of services.

In 2018, the company name was rebranded to Bilfinger Tebodin to reflect the aforementioned consolidation. Based on our long-standing reputation as global independent consultants and engineers, with local execution, Bilfinger Tebodin fulfills an essential key role in Bilfinger’s overall strategy. After all, we make ideas work.

More information about Bilfinger Tebodin

Bilfinger ROB

Bilfinger ROB

In 1969, ROB, Rohr- und Anlagenbau GmbH from Germany established a division in Antwerp for the manufacture and assembly of pipeline systems. Due to the many investments in the Antwerp port area, the company experienced constant growth and soon expanded its areas of operation.

In 1974 the Concern Babcock Borsig AG from Oberhausen took over the company and since 1977 the company became a company under Belgian law under the name ROB Montagebedrijf N.V.

Since 2006 the company has been part of BIS (Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services). ROB in Belgium is now called BIS ROB Montagebedrijf N.V. and the company in the Netherlands becomes BIS ROB Zeeland B.V.

In 2013, the company name changes to Bilfinger ROB N.V. and Bilfinger ROB B.V. as a result of the new corporate name “Bilfinger”.

In 2013, the Bilfinger ROB N.V. headquarters move to a new location in Zwijndrecht, where the offices of sister companies Bilfinger Industrial Services and Bilfinger Tebodin are also located.

In 2023, Piping & Mechanical company De Bruin Piping & Construction B.V. joins Bilfinger in the Netherlands under the name Bilfinger de Bruin.

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Bilfinger EMV

Bilfinger EMV

In 2007, EMV, Elektro Montage Verein GmbH from Duitsland, estbalished a division in Antwerp for the assembly and maintenance of electrical industrial installations at the request of a number of major German customers.

Sinds 2012, the company has been part of BIS (Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services) and is now called EMV BVBA. With the parent company being BIS ROB montage NV.

In 2013, the company name changes to Bilfinger EMV BVBA due to the new group name “Bilfinger”.

In 2013, EMV moves to the new location in Zwijndrecht.

More information about Bilfinger EMV

Bilfinger Industrial Services

Bilfinger Industrial Services

Bilfinger Industrial Services Netherlands was formed from the acquisition in 2002 of the Dutch scaffolding company Spreeuwenberg (founded anno 1950) and the German insulation company Rheinhold & Mahla (founded in 1887). In 2005, the name changed to R&M Spreeuwenberg.

In 2007, the company became part of Germany's BIS (Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services).

Then the portfolio was expanded in 2010 with the addition of the painting company Brabant Mobiel, which became Bilfinger Brabant Mobiel.

In 2013, the name is changed to Bilfinger Industrial Services, and in 2018 the Dutch headquarters move from Zwartewaal to Rotterdam Waalhaven. 

A few more years later, in 2021 Bilfinger Industrial Services welcomes new colleagues again and expands the portfolio with the rope access services of Bilfinger Height Specialists.

More information about Bilfinger Industrial Services

Bilfinger De Bruin

Bilfinger De Bruin

In 1981, Dirk de Bruin founded De Bruin Piping & Construction in Brielle. His family, including son Jan, also went to work for De Bruin, making it a family business with a good reason. De Bruin Piping & Construction grew rapidly with their mechanical work for customers in a wide range of industries. 

In 1991, the company had grown from six to sixty employees.

In 1994,  Jan de Bruin, son of Dirk became co-owner. 

In 2018, a nice new office was built in Brielle near the workshop. Meanwhile, there is also a second workshop in Brielle for stainless steel work.

In 2023, Jan de Bruin decided to sell the company to Bilfinger, who with the acquisition of De Bruin could strengthen their position in the Piping & Mechanical market in the Netherlands, thus creating Bilfinger De Bruin. 

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