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Operational management & work preparation

Running projects safely, efficiently and sustainably: will you rise to the challenge with us?

Reach new heights

Our projects and customers are among the largest in the industry. Examples include gigantic pipeline construction and maintenance projects, as well as the construction or decomissioning of extensive industrial plants. At Bilfinger, you work on efficient and sustainable operations in the process industry. How you prepare and lead Bilfinger's projects makes all the difference. And of course, teamwork is essential for this.


Work planner

Work planner: A different dynamic every day

Sometimes you work on a large and long-term project, while other times you are involved in urgent or minor maintenance work. Think, for example, of replacing pipelines or fittings on site. Or calculating a project, organising materials and personnel.

In your job, on the one hand you have your feet in the clay - that is, you spend a lot of time walking around outside on location. On the other hand, you are indoors to ensure that projects can proceed according to schedule.

You constantly interact with the project leader, foreman and technicians and anticipate unforeseen issues. That is precisely what makes your job so dynamic and interesting. And of course, safety and quality are your top priorities! 

Check out the current vacancies for work planner at:


What does a work planner do?

The work of a work planner depends on the discipline you work for. In general, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Preparing and planning the technical work.
  • Determining material, equipment and personnel requirements.
  • On site, recording the work to be carried out, making calculations and quotations.
  • Applying for permits for work.
  • Consulting with the customer and project manager on the timing and progress of the work. You prepare work instructions, take care of permits and safety plans.
  • Supporting the foreman or project leader in supervising the work. You monitor the planning, costs and budget per project.

Superintendent: coordinate work inside and out

In your role, on the one hand, you'll have your feet in the clay - that is, you'll be outside on site a lot. On the other hand, you are inside to make sure projects can go according to schedule. From leading your team(s) and dealing with big responsibilities, to coordinating projects and attending meetings and kick-offs. Time certainly doesn't stand still: you will develop in different areas and have the chance to progress to project leader if you want. A foray into another field is also possible. 

Check out the current vacancies for superintendent at:


Will you also become superintendent?

Project leader

Project leader: ensuring efficient and sustainable project progress

As a project leader, you will help build the safe, efficient and sustainable operation of our customers' installations.  You will be working in a complex industrial environment. Depending on your knowledge and experience, you will manage one or more projects for one of our disciplines, or take on a multidisciplinary project. You are responsible and the point of contact for one or more accounts in an area. As a project leader, you get energy from working together, switching quickly and you enjoy the challenge of completing a project on time. 

Do you want to become a project leader but have no experience yet? Then take a look at our Traineeship Project Leader! This will prepare you to become a fully-fledged project leader in just a few years. 

View the current vacancies for project leader at:


What does a project leader do?

From the commercial phase, you are responsible for realisation; together with your team, you determine the strategic actions to manage the objectives and risks. Your tasks include: 

  • Motivating employees to work safely and qualitatively.
  • You are involved in project preparation and handover.
  • Discuss progress and contractual issues with the client.
  • Reporting progress and financial results to your supervisor.
  • Eye for the mutual interests of the customer and Bilfinger.
  • Maintain contact with the customer, subcontractor and your colleagues and build a long-term relationship.
  • Working to constantly improve efficient, profitable and safe operations.

Will you also become project leader?

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