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Bilfinger Industrial Services Belgium/Netherlands

Leading Industrial Service Provider

Bilfinger Industrial Services is the multidisciplinary partner for projects and maintenance work on industrial assets, with safety and innovative solutions at its core. 

Bilfinger Industrial Services has developed into a versatile provider of support services for the industry. From eight branches in Belgium and the Netherlands, Bilfinger Industrial Services offers a broad service package: insultation, scaffolding, painting, tracing, asbestos removal, fire protection, noise control and rope access. 

Whether it concerns a mono- or multidisciplinary project, new construction, renovation or a complex stop, Bilfinger meets the strictest safety and quality requirements with its working methods. In close consultation with our customers, we arrive at the most optimal and efficient approach. Our added value lies in our years of knowledge and experience, our wide range of services and an optimal focus  on a safe, fast and efficient course of work.



In industrial services, safety and quality play an all-important role. Customers place strict demands on the execution of work. In the industry, Bilfinger is known as a benchmark when it comes to HSEQ. We continuously invest further in optimizing and developing our HSEQ policy and the associated approach in the areas of safety, health, quality and social responsibility. 

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Bilfinger pursues an integrated approach that balances economic, environmental and social issues. Sustainability is therefore an important part of our business strategy and embedded in our Code of Conduct. Our CSR policy is based on the following 3 pillars:

  • Market
  • Society
  • Environment

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Bilfinger Skills Center

Craftmanship and quality have been at the top of Bilfinger's priority list for years. In addition, of course, our colleagues are our most important asset. By focusing on the development of knowledge and skills, they continue to enjoy working at Bilfinger. We have now taken the step of combining the strengths and training of all disciplines at Bilfinger and putting the competencies of employees at the center of the Bilfinger Skills Center. 

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Our services

Our services


Industrial insulation makes a significant contribution to the integrity of pipes, assets and installations. A proactive approach to new construction and maintenance in combination with insulation is therefore very important to keep assets in good condition. Any risk of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) should be avoided at all times. Bilfinger is a partner with extensive experience and knowledge in applying the right industrial insulation according to our customer's specifications and according to legal and industry-specific regulations.


Metal and steel can be subject to degradation due to corrosion, for example, which can create dangerous situations. Painting is a way to preserve steel and ensures that it is protected from external influences that can cause corrosion. We do this by applying a special coating to the material. In this way, the reliability and safety of equipment and installations is optimized. Bilfinger is a reliable and experienced partner in the field of painting.

  • To reach all parts of installations properly, a safe workplace at height is required. Bilfinger has decades of experience in scaffolding construction. At the same time, we are the most progressive service provider in the scaffolding industry. With the implementation of various innovations in the areas of process, product and safety, Bilfinger scaffolding construction has become even more professional in recent years. Safety and cost control remain at the forefront at all times. 

    As an alternative to scaffolding construction, we also offer rope access

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) is the examination of an installation for integrity without damaging the object. Different methods are used for this, depending on the material, the object, and the situation, such as radiography, ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic, penetrant and visual examination. In addition to our integrated approach where all associated preparatory services such as insulation, blasting and access solutions are all provided by Bilfinger, you also benefit from our fast, on-site reporting for NDT and inspection. This is completely customized and can be integrated into your systems if required. 


In industrial processes, temperature control is very important. Tracing, or heat tracing, ensures that products and raw materials remain at the required temperature level for optimal process conditions. The petrochemical, food, offshore and other industries contain pipes, storage tanks, pumps and instruments filled with liquid products and semi-finished products. Through tracing, the desired temperature is controlled here. Bilfinger has broad and deep expertise in both steam tracing and electrical tracing. In combination with our insulation services, we can achieve optimal process conditions.

Asbestos Removal

From securing to complete asbestos removal, Bilfinger is a leading specialist and offers a customizied approach, fully tailored to the specific asbestos problem. Based on the available asbestos inventory, we draw up the plan of action, constantly taking into account the availability of the asset to be treated. By applying the strictest regulations during removal, the danger to health is removed and the asbestos present is disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.

In the Netherlands, employees performing the work must also be certified. This is because asbestos removal is a high-risk professional activity. To guarantee the social importance - health and safety in connection with work - the government has opted for a statutory certification scheme for both the expert asbestos removal worker and the expert asbestos removal supervisor. Naturally, our employees have a personal certificate. 

Noise Control

Workers and the environment must be protected from too much noise. From the point of view of working conditions and environmental management, noise control is a requirement. Bilfinger has a wide range of solutions for noise-reducing measures. Think of enclosures and acoustic wall and ceiling coverings: custom designed, delivered and installed. 

Fire Protection

Fire protection is indispensable for the integrity of installations and buildings. To properly protect them from fire, the structural elements in particular must be provided with adequate fire resistance. Important here are the preservation of stability, the exclusion of fire spread and continuing to meet the thermal requirements of the structural elements. Bilfinger's expertise is your guarantee for a tailor-made solution. 


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Digitalization and innovation

Digitalization and innovation

Bilfinger is constantly working on digitizing the processes surrounding our services. Transparency and efficiency are key here. In the area of scaffolding, important steps have been taken in the past few years, which are part of our strategy in the area of D & I (Digitalization & Innovation).

Digital transformation of processes, in a world in which transparency and speed are becoming increasingly important, is becoming an essential component for continuous innovation and development. Bilfinger is continuously working to optimize its processes, in which digitalization and the deployment of innovations play an important role. The goal is to provide transparency and insight into the entire process: from work execution to invoicing.

Contractor Portal

Bilfinger Industrial Services places high demands on the quality of both its own employees and those of contractors. With the Contractor Portal, Bilfinger has developed a system that stands for accuracy and completeness. Through our Contractor Portal, the subcontractor provides the prescribed data, such as identity documents, qualifications and certificates. Our Personnel Planning Department checks these for correctness and validity. 

When documents expire, the system alerts with an automatic notification.

  • The system stands for completeness and compliance of documents.
  • Time-intensive data entry is reduced (subcontractors do data entry themselves in the system).
  • The system automatically sends reminders for validity and validation of documents.
  • There is the option for connection to client's system (on site).
Client Portal

The latest development within our digitalization is Digital Worker Order Management with the Client Portal. With this client system, you can view all the data relevant to you regarding your scaffolding construction projects from Bilfinger. For example, the established KPIs, the financial contract agreements and an overview with the location of scaffolding on your site. The Client Portal provides you with an overview of the scaffolding on your site at your convenience. You can book scaffolding rentals and thereby sign them out for invoicing.

Finger Scan

At work sites, Bilfinger Industrial Services records work hours using the Finger Scan. This digital entry system for qualified personnel replaces handwritten lists of names and time sheets. An accurate record of hours worked is quick and easy to recall. Bilfinger employees spend less time on administration and can be on the job site more often. In addition, the Finger Scan ensures that only qualified, work-authorized employees are at work.

Scaffolding App

Bilfinger Industrial Services has introduced the digital work order with the Scaffolding App. This innovation makes it possible to keep all the information around a scaffolding project up-to-date in one digital file using a smartphone or tablet. Administration and invoicing are largely automated. Fast, efficient and error-free.

Scaffolding App: what are the benefits for you?

  • Creation of one digital file;
  • Supervision on the work;
  • Digital sign-off of work performed;
  • Efficient communication;
  • Complete transparency.
Insulation PrefApp

The Insulation PrefApp is a digital solution for drawing precast for insulation purposes. This app promotes standardization and optimization of making prefab insulation parts so that they can be delivered quickly and accurately by our Prefab Center in Roosendaal.

The Insulation PrefApp; what are the benefits for you?

  • Increased efficiency on projects; 
  • More accurate measurements and prefabrication - first time right; 
  • Increase knowledge and skills;
  • Transparency.
Working at Bilfinger

Working at Bilfinger

Over the past decades, our industry has been constantly changing. We've helped our customers grow, innovate, and in the process contributed to a sustainable industry. 

And since 1880, we've been getting this done together. With the most stringent safety and quality requirements within the industry, we are now leading the way. 

Today, we are stronger by working together on this generation's biggest challenges. 

Will you be part of this too? Together... we will reach new heights. 

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