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Training & Development at Bilfinger

Achieve new heights in your career

Whether you are a starter in the job market or an experienced hand in the trade; if you join Bilfinger, you ae choosing a career for the long term. We find it important that you can continue to develop in the areas that are relevant to you. This not only keeps the work interesting, but also increases your potential to grow. This applies to both our operational and staff positions. For example, you can take various courses or trainings with us during your career. Together with your manager, you determine what suits you and the company.

For operational employees, we have combined the training and education of different disciplines in the Bilfinger Skills Center. Through the Skills Center, you get an onboarding, training and instruction, and continuous e-learning is also offered.

We also have a number of programs for colleagues who are starting their career or want to develop further, such as the Van Iterson Institute and the Bilfinger Network.

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Bilfinger Network & Bilfinger Academy

Bilfinger Network and Bilfinger Academy

In order to offer colleagues great career prospects and work towards a strong middle management, we have started active Talent Management. Besides plenty of advancement and training opportunities across Bilfinger with the Bilfinger Skills Center, we have also developed an international training pyramid. At the base of the pyramid is the ‘Bilfinger Network’.

The Bilfinger Network consists of a combination of young operational managers and ambitious staff colleagues from different departments. Activities aimed at broad development are organized for the participants of this network. For example, LEAN training and visits to work sites. In addition, attention is also paid to specific development issues such as vitality and communication.

Because the group consists of both staff and operational functions, they get to know the company better and build an internal network in a short time. The Bilfinger Network is guided from HR and senior management, who support the participants in their career development.

After participating in the Bilfinger Network, your career development does not stop there; the next step in the pyramid is the program of the international Bilfinger Academy which includes the Talent Program and the Leadership Program (LP) in which colleagues from different Bilfinger companies participate.

We also have great traineeships for different fields.

More information about our traineeships

Training pyramid Bilfinger

Development opportunities

I’m currently studying Technical Business Administration, and after this my plan is to do Higher Safety Administration. And I also get time and space to do that. A lot is really possible at Bilfinger in that area."

Sezer GunesHSEQ Officer

Bilfinger takes your personal development and preferences seriously. Every employee fills in their own Personal Empowerment Plan, in which you write what you want to pursue in your career. The existence of this plan inherently stimulates personal development; employees are well cared for."

Dick HammingManager Mechanical Engineering

Through a short training program, I started at Bilfinger as an insulation technician. Because I wanted some variety, I have now had the opportunity to do Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) courses and get my IRATA levels for rope access."

Michel BeerensInsulation Technician

''As a rope access technician you have the opportunity to grow and broaden your knowledge in different areas. Not only will you be trained as a rope access technician, but you can also specialize in the various work we do. You can become as all-round as you want.''"

Tommy MelgertIRATA L2 Rope Access Technician

What do our colleagues say about development opportunities?

Advancement opportunities

Advancement opportunities at Bilfinger

Bilfinger is a large organization with many different disciplines. That means that there are many opportunities to grow. For example, if you want and have the skills, you can grow into a higher position. You can also take a ‘side step’ into another type of position or disciplines.

Bilfinger Skills Center

Bilfinger Skills Center

Craftmanship and quality have been at the top of Bilfinger’s priority list for years. In addition, of course, our colleagues are our most important asset. By focusing on the development of knowledge and skills, they continue to enjoy working at Bilfinger. Moreover, with the Bilfinger Skills Center we not only train craftsmanship, but also safety awareness is reflected in the program.

We have now taken the step of combining the strengths and training of all disciplines at Bilfinger and putting the competencies of the employees at the center of the Bilfinger Skills Center.

Through the Bilfinger Skills Center, you can continue to learn and develop. The Bilfinger Skills Center consists of several pillars: Onboarding and Assessment, Training and Education, Data Assurance, E-learning and Field Checks.

More information about the Bilfinger Skills Center

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