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Bilfinger Skills Center 

Craftsmanship and quality have been at the top of Bilfinger's priority list for years. In addition, of course, our colleagues are our most important asset. By focusing on the development of knowledge and skills, they continue to enjoy working at Bilfinger. Moreover, with the Bilfinger Skills center, we not only train craftsmanship, but safety awareness is reflected in the program asa well.

Now we've taken the step of combining the strengths and training of all disciplines in the Bilfinger Skills Center, putting the competencies of all empoyees at the center of our training and development strategy.



The Bilfinger Skills Center consists of five pillars:

  • Onboarding and assessment
  • Training
  • (Continuous) E-learning
  • Field Checks
  • Data

The Skills Center can thus be seen as a house that rests on a number of pillars, all related to quality improvement and development of colleagues. The first pillar is the '0 measurement' of the skills and competencies of new (sibcontracted) employees. The second pillar is to take stock of what people have mastered and where knowledge or skill is lacking, and then train accordingly. A third pillar is continuous learning. We do this by offering structured training, education and toolboxes, supplemented with e-learnings.

Finally, we also conduct field checks, where we go on site to see if the knowledge is being applied correctly. In addition, the 'data' pillar is important. We use the data we collect at individual and company level to initiate improvement processes.


Locations Training Centers Bilfinger Skills Center

You can think of the Bilfinger Skills Center as one center with three training locations, each with its own area of focus.

Training Center Roosendaal

At the Education Center Roosendaal, the onboarding and assessment of scaffolders and insulation technicians will be conducted. Both new colleagues and colleagues from subcontractors come here before going to work on site at customers. They are assessed for professionalism and safety awareness. Specific instructions and training such as for forklifts and ladder lifts are also held here.

Training Center Zwijndrecht

The Zwijndrecht Training Center concentrates on the assessment and training of welders, pipe fitters and electricians. We screen new employees and subcontractors, and we offer dozens of internships there. We also ensure that apprentices do their practical training with us, as part of dual learning, and provide individual vocational training for prospective employees toward the end of their training. Our own permanent employees can also receive further training here. All this is done by technically strong trainers who convey the necessary competencies from their own skills.


Training Center Bergschenhoek

Rope Access training for IRATA Level I, II and III is given at Bilfinger Height Specialists in Bergschenhoek. They also offer various training courses for working at height. We offer these for Bilfinger employees as well as for external parties.


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Onboarding and Assessment

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