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Insulation, Scaffolding, Painting, Tracing, NDT (ISP)

At great heights and in locations no one else sees: will you take the challenge with us?

Reach new heights

Teamwork is essential in building and maintaining large-scale industrial systems. The areas of insulation, scaffolding and painting offer exciting tasks in an expert international team.

Whether you are building an oil platform, renovating a chimney hundreds of meters high or working on one of our many challenging projects, your work makes an important contribution to Bilfinger and you will be able to see immediate proof of your success. Your safety and personal and professional development are our top priority.

Learn more about our different disciplines:


Scaffolder: Together we reach new heights

As a scaffold builder, you can face unique challenges. You work on large-scale industrial scaffolding where complex structures must meet extremely high standards. Each scaffolding project is unique and challenging in its own way. Our extensive expertise in scaffolding construction makes us one of the largest providers in Europe.

Scaffolding construction in industry is thus truly a profession. Scaffolding is often built tens of meters high and the surface area on the floor is limited. So it has to be solid! Together you work from project to project. You build the (often complicated) scaffolding in a proper and safe way. When the scaffolding is up, the insulation and conservation team does the maintenance. And afterwards, you and your team dismantle the scaffolding again. This means your work will be diverse, varied and always exciting.

We are regularly looking for entry-level and experienced scaffolders at Bilfinger. View our current scaffolder vacancies at:


What does a scaffolder do?

In a day, as a scaffold building you have various tasks:

  • Reviewing instructions for working safely
  • Reviewing work with own and temporary colleagues
  • ‘Always On Line’ assembling and dismantling all kinds of scaffolding
  • Loading and unloading material trolleys
  • Separating damaged material, reporting material shortages or material that is left over
  • Operating and instructing lifting equipment
  • Of course you keep your workplace clean, throw waste in the right containers and put materials back in the right place after use.

Will you also become a scaffolder?

Insulation Technician

Insulation Technician: Working to save energy with quality insulation

As an insulation technician at Bilfinger, you won’t be working on the insulation of houses or buildings, but on large and sometimes complicated industrial plants. Insulating parts of an industrial installation is essential for the safe and efficient operation of a plant. But did you know that insulation also contributes a lot to energy savings? And that it can prevent corrosion and other damage to plants? So good insulation is vital for our customers.

At Bilfinger, we are regularly looking for starting and experiences insulation technicians. Check out the current vacancies for insulation technician at:


What does an insulation technician do?

You work together from project to project. You make sure all pipes are properly insulated. You work a lot with your team and share knowledge with other (upcoming) insulation technicians.

  • All common work of sheeting and insulation materials at various industrial customers
  • Removal of old plating, machining surface to be insulated
  • Processing insulation material, e.g. length and width cutting
  • Applying and fixing insulation material
  • Insulating pipes, tanks, boilers, etc.
  • Assembly, disassembly and sealing of sheet metal
  • Measuring work and making a sketch/drawing, choosing the right materials

Of course you keep your workplace clean, throw waste in the right containers and put materials back in the right place after use.

Will you also become an insulation technician?

Construction Painter

Construction painter: Ensure durability with a protective coating


Corrosion protection helps protect and maintain structures, preventing and avoiding damage cause by the weather. The unique thing about Bilfinger is the type of projects you have to work on. At Bilfinger, you don’t work on window frames, houses or buildings but on large-scale industrial systems. That’s why you don’t just work with a brush or paint sprayer; a painter at Bilfinger can also specialize in, for example, blasting or metallizing.

We are regularly looking for starting and experiences construction painters at Bilfinger. View current construction painter job openings at:


What does a construction painter do?
  • You do pre-treatment and preservation of steel, including valves, pipes, pipe bridges and storage tanks
  • Paint spraying
  • (grit) Blasting
  • TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminum) spraying
  • You check that everything meets the quality requirements

Will you also become a construction painter?


Tracer: Ensure the right temperature with your technical skill

For our customers, it is important that the product is and remains at the right temperature as it flows through the pipes. This is essential for the quality and safety of the process. That is why Bilfinger applies electrical of steam tracing under the insulation of certain parts. Precision and dexterity are important here.

We are regularly looking for starting and experienced tracers at Bilfinger. Check out the current vacancies for tracer at:


What does a tracer do?

If you have no experience, we start with a training program to get you acquainted with the tracer’s job in the industry. Together with your colleagues you ensure that the tracing at our customers is in tip-top order. Your duties will include:

  • Getting to know the different types of mechanical tracing
  • Learning the different types of electrical tracing
  • Learning to troubleshoot and repair existing tracing systems
  • Dismantling of existing tracing
  • Making and installing new tracing (in copper, stainless steel or carbon steel)
  • Learning to read isometric drawings

In short: You work with your hands and together with your colleagues you ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work.

Will you also become a tracer?

Non Destructive Examiner

Non Destructive Examiner: Check the integrity of industrial plant

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) means that you examine a product for technical status without destroying it in the process. This can be done, for example, by taking an X-ray of the object, performing a magnetic examination or penetrating the object with sound waves. You thus provide a good insight into the integrity of the installation; can it last a while longer, or does it need to be replaced? Is there corrosion that could potentially cause leaks? Or is the weld properly laid?

The NDT department at Bilfinger was set up recently and is focused on growth. Together with all the other disciplines, we want to support the customer as efficiently as possible in the maintenance or new construction process. The Non Destructive Examiner plays an important role in this!

We are regularly looking for starting and experienced Non Destructive Examiners at Bilfinger. Look for current vacancies at:


What does an NDT Examiner do?

Depending on your experience and the type of certificates you have obtained, as an investigator you perform the following work:

  • You look closely at an object and, if necessary, perform Visual Examination first
  • You examine a weld or installation for integrity using one of the following techniques:
    • Radiographic Examination
    • Ultrasonic Examination
    • Penetrant Examination
    • Magnetic Examination
    • Advanced (ultrasonic) Examination
  • You report your findings in a clear report

You will often be working at height; on scaffolding, but you can also get your rope access levels through Bilfinger, so you can perform this investigation from the ‘ropes’.

Will you also become a NDT Examiner?

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