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In our Consultancy team, we believe that in everything we do, we can be the accelerator for industry to build a sustainable future. In this, people are an indispensable link. We believe in leveraging everyone's strengths, trusting each other's abilities and space to take initiative and responsibility for this. The philosophy of 'Ubuntu' (I am, because we are) suits our way of dealing with each other.


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As an engineer at Bilfinger, you work on socially relevant projects within the industry that concern everyone. You do this together with your colleagues in multidisciplinary teams to successfully complete the project. You will work for leading international customers in industry and make active contributions to the energy transition that is underway to achieve the climate goals. No working day will be the same!


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As a scaffold builder, you can face unique challenges. You work on large-scale industrial scaffolding where complex structures must meet extremely high standards. Each scaffolding project is unique and challenging in its own way. Our extensive expertise in scaffolding construction makes us one of the largest providers in Europe. Scaffolding construction in industry is thus truly a profession. Scaffolding is often built tens of meters high and the surface area on the floor is limited. So it has to be solid!


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As an insulation technician at Bilfinger, you won’t be working on the insulation of houses or buildings, but on large and sometimes complicated industrial plants. Insulating parts of an industrial installation is essential for the safe and efficient operation of a plant. But did you know that insulation also contributes a lot to energy savings? And that it can prevent corrosion and other damage to plants? So good insulation is vital for our customers.


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Corrosion protection helps protect and maintain structures, preventing and avoiding damage cause by the weather. The unique thing about Bilfinger is the type of projects you have to work on. At Bilfinger, you don’t work on window frames, houses or buildings but on large-scale industrial systems. That’s why you don’t just work with a brush or paint sprayer; a painter at Bilfinger can also specialize in, for example, blasting or metallizing.


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For our customers, it is important that the product is and remains at the right temperature as it flows through the pipes. This is essential for the quality and safety of the process. That is why Bilfinger applies electrical of steam tracing under the insulation of certain parts. Precision and dexterity are important here.


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Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) means that you examine a product for technical status without destroying it in the process. This can be done, for example, by taking an X-ray of the object, performing a magnetic examination or penetrating the object with sound waves. You thus provide a good insight into the integrity of the installation; can it last a while longer, or does it need to be replaced? Is there corrosion that could potentially cause leaks? Or is the weld properly laid?


The NDT department at Bilfinger was set up recently and is focused on growth. Together with all the other disciplines, we want to support the customer as efficiently as possible in the maintenance or new construction process. The Non Destructive Examiner plays an important role in this!

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Piping & Mechanical: Pipefitter

Whether you work in the workshop at one of our locations, or at our customer’s factory – your work is of great importance to our customers. After all, the pipe pieces must fit 100% and be of high quality to function in a high-risk environment. So an eye for detail is an important trait for a pipefitter. So you will have a lot of responsibility for a diverse range of tasks!


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Piping & Mechanical: Welder

As a welder at Bilfinger, you work on welding industrial installations that have to operate 24/7. Sometimes at high temperatures or with dangerous substances. Nothing should be left to change here; the weld must be of very high quality. So the pipe welding, or laser welding, that we do in the industry also requires a high quality welder. Fortunately, you can also learn that at Bilfinger.


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Operational Management & Work Preparation

Our projects and clients are among the largest in the industry. Think, for example, of gigantic pipeline construction and maintenance projects, but also the construction or decomissioning of extensive industrial plants. At Bilfinger, you work on efficient and sustainable operations in the process industry. How you prepare and lead Bilfinger's projects makes all the difference. And of course, teamwork is essential for this.


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Staff & General Management

Our highly effective staff and general management team is key to ensuring that all of our employees can work together, and that we can provide the best possible performance for them. 

Depending on your position within our company, you can concentrate either on our everyday business or on our strategic focus, stipulate processes, implement systems and procedures, or launch new initiatives. In your work, you can give us new inspiration through your ideas and actions.

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