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Safety at Bilfinger

Taking good care of people and the environment is high on the agenda at Bilfinger. We take the health and safety of everyone who works for us very seriously. We also try to minimize the impact of our activities and industry on society and the environment, while ensuring that we meet the strictest quality standards. In other words:


"We never compromise on integrity and safety."


Safety and quality also play an all-important role in the industry in which we operate. Customers set strict requirements for the execution of work. In the industry, Bilfinger is known as a benchmark when it comes to HSEQ. We continuously invest further in the optimization and development of our HSEQ policy and the associated approach to safety, health, quality and social responsibility.

Our safety culture

We are committed to protecting the health and physical well-being of our employees and associates, ensuring the safety and security of its impact on our environment.

We strive for an open culture where everyone feels safe enough to say what they feel or think. Together, we are responsible for the HSE policy and corporate culture. We have a shared responsibility to take the HSEQ policy seriously, and to strive for continuous improvement.

Safety Works


Within the Bilfinger group, the ‘SafetyWorks!’ campaign is central to improving the safety awareness of all Bilfinger employees worldwide. The common thread is taking responsibility for safety, at all levels of the organization. In principle, if we are aware of the risks and take the right control measures, any incident or accident can be prevented.

The principles of SafetyWorks!:

  1. Continuous improvement in health and safety protection;
  2. Ensuring a good safety culture;
  3. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
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