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Training Rescue At Height

Safety above all

When it comes to working at height, the safety of yourself, your colleagues and the environment comes first. If something goes wrong during a project, it is important to know how to carry out a rescue at height. How do you prepare a rescue plan? How do you carry out a rescue? And what do you do after a rescue? During our rescue at height training you will get the answers to these questions and a lot of practice.


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Rescue at height training

Rescue at height

The goal of this training is to create, understand and execute a rescue plan. As well as the successful execution of a (team) rescue in different scenarios. We will use a specifically developed rescue system.


  • Drawing up a rescue plan;
  • Applying a rescue plan drawn up in advance
  • Knowledge of legislation and regulations
  • Insight into various techniques and materials
  • Preparation of a rescue plan
  • Preparation of an RI&E (Risk Inventory and Evaluation)
  • What to do after a rescue
  • Knowledge of ‘Harness Suspension Intolerance’


  • Repeating working at height training techniques
  • Application of a rescue plan
  • Various practical exercises for rescue at heights in different configurations
  • Applying the Jag System in various ways
  • Applying the Jag System in combination with the Reach Pole

To be able to follow this training you must have successfully completed the training working at height ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’. You must be able to prove this with a certificate that is not older than one year before you start the Rescue at Height training.


The rescue at height training is finished with a theoretical and practical test. Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a certificate from Bilfinger Height Specialists. This certificate is valid for one year.

Duration & Costs

The costs are € 325.00 ex VAT per person, including lunch. The course lasts a whole day and continues with a minimum of 2 registrations.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Why take an rescue at height training?

Is your workplace at height and do you have to protect yourself against the additional dangers? Do you want to know everything there is to know to be able to do this in a safe way? Participate in our working at height training! During this training you will gain insight into all possible dangers and risks of working at height. In addition, you will learn how to act in unexpected situations and how to use personal protective equipment correctly.

It is important to always work with at least two people at a height. In case of danger, a rescue can be carried out. That’s why, in addition to a working at height training, we also offer rescue at height training.

Wanneer is er een redden op hoogte training?

We offer the rescue training at height montly.Check out our training schedule, select a training and apply directly.

Is it possible to customize a rescue at height training?

Yes it is! We concentrate on the possible dangers that may occur in your field of work and write a training plan specifically for this purpose. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

I can't train on the scheduled dates, are there any other possiblities?

You may not be able to attend a training course on the regular dates, we also offer the possibility of attending a working at height training course on a different date. Please contact us for more information.

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