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Michael Damtoft, Operations Director, Bilfinger Danmark A/S



I prioritise hard work, humility and respect in my career."

Our Operations Director, Michael Damtoft, who is part of our Management Board has shared his experience so far of running the business operations.



Q1: What does your job role involve?

A1: I am responsible for successfully running the operations of the business, which involves overseeing and optimising various aspects of the business and our projects to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


Q2: What do you enjoy about working for Bilfinger?

A2: I enjoy building strong relationship both with clients and our wider international team. As team collaboration brings together individuals with different backgrounds, skills and experiences. This diversity can lead to a variety of perspectives and creative solutions.


Q3: What advice would you give to someone wanting to follow your career path?

A3: I prioritise hard work, humility and respect in my career. These qualities drive my dedication to achieving goals, promote collaboration with colleagues, and ensure positive relationships with clients. This approach has been crucial in my professional journey.


Q4: What are your future career ambitions?

A4: I am committed to utilising my role to implement strategies that drive expansion, as well as evaluating and implementing new technologies. This approach is essential for enhancing operational processes and ensuring that we remain competitive in a rapidly growing energy sector.


Thanks for sharing your insights from your role with us Michael and what its like to be part of #TeamBilfinger! Do you want to know more about Bilfinger Danmark A/S - contact us: info.bdknospam@bilfinger.com

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