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Steinmüller Africa’s manufacturing capabilities cover a wide range of high-pressure components. Our large-scale facilities in Pretoria and world-class equipment, such as the Oerlikon Automatic Welding and the Cojafex Induction Bending Machine are unique to the African continent.

List of Products

  • Boiler pressure parts
  • Pressure vessels
  • Large and small bore piping
  • HP Heaters
  • Headers
  • Pipe supports
  • Bellows
  • Pressure part assembly
  • Heat treatment

Key figures of our facilities in Pretoria

  • 50,000 m² fabrication facility under roof
  • Lifting capacity of 50t
  • 1,000,000 productive hours a year
  • Bays up to 35m wide and 700m long
List of key machinery



Welding Equipment
Semi automatic CNC mig fin welding system for sling tubes - KLOOSChuck, conveyer, 2 welding heads
Submerge –arc 6 head membrane wall welding unit, complete with conveyers/turn around/storage rack/flat, bar & tube shot blast and flat bar calibrator - PEMAtube wide-30m length conveyer system
Header nipple welder with 2 x submerge arc heads and inner fusion tig head - OERLIKON28m travel for all welding heads
Machining Equipment
CNC Header drilling / milling machine. (GURATO)Part swing Dia.1250mm, 60mm drill capacity and 4th axis, travel X=12000mm, Y=1200mm and Z= 1500mm
CNC Lathe. (SMEC Syd PL 204B)Travel X= 350mm, Y= 150, swing over table 300mm
CNC Milling machine, HAAS40mm drill capacity, travel X=1270 Y=660 Z=623
Heat Treatment Device
Gas FurnaceMax temp = 1200°C, Furnace output = 4500 kW, Gas pressure +250 mbar, electric power consumption = 499.5, auxilliary energy = Compressed air 5 – 6, 2 off recorders 110v, max height 3m, boogies max length = 12.5m x 4m
2x top hat furnace11m x 2m one bed 1200°C /C, 11m x 1.8m tow element beds 1000°C
Bending Machine Cojafex PB850 EHR - Main ArmPipe Diameter: 150 - 870 mm (with hole 457 mm)
Wall Thickness: 5-100 mm
Bending Radius 0<alpha<=95°: 300 - 4600 mm
Bending Radius 95<alpha<=180°: 1550 - 4600 mm
Bending Angle R>1550: 0 - 180°
Bending Angle 300<R<1500: 0 - 95°
Pipe Length: 3365 - 12115 mm (with hole 18000 mm)
Bending Machine Cojafex PB850 EHR – Auxilliary ArmPipe Diameter: 40 - 426 mm
Wall Thickness: 5 - 40 mm
Bending Radius: 200 - 2000 mm
Bending Angle: 0 - 180°
Pipe Length: 2795 - 11545 mm (with hole 18000mm)
Other Bending Equipment
CNC Hydraulic pipe bending machine - GSM25mm-100mm wall thickness min 4mm
CNC Hydraulic pipe bending machine - SCHWARZE ROBITEC25mm-80mm wall thickness min 4mm
2x Semi CNC Hydraulic pipe bending machine - SCHWARZE WIRTS25mm-60mm wall thickness min 4mm
Shot blasting
Shot blastDepth = 6.8m / length = 15.8m / height = 5.2m
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