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Learning and Development

Why do we do skills development?
Steinmüller Africa is an engineering company operating in a highly competitive environment; this naturally means that in order to maintain and improve on the services delivered it is necessary to ensure that our not only our employees are current with industry developments, but also that we provide ambitious and passionate young talent with a platform to showcase and develop their skills, knowledge and abilities.

What do we offer?
Steinmüller Africa provides high quality and technically intense training programmes within the Engineering field.  More information on the specific programmes that are offered can be found per category below.

Are we endorsements by any reputable training bodies – more info. Also any memberships etc.

Steinmüller Africa Technical Training Academy is an accredited Training Provider by the ATB to Provide the International Welders course (IIW).

Jaco van Deventer from the Bilfinger Steinmüller Africa Technical Training Academy was announced the National Young Welder of the Year by the Southern Africa Institute for Welding (SAIW).

Steinmüller Africa Technical Training Academy is an accredited Training Provider by the merSETA.
Accreditation: 17-QA/ACC/0694/12.

Steinmüller Africa has also been endorsed by the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) for providing excellence in our Practical 1 & 2 (P1 & P2) experiential programme.

Steinmüller Africa was awarded the Achiever Award in the category Best Training Programme: Large Company in 2013.

In 2014 Steinmüller Africa were runners up in the Achiever Award.

Training academies

What do we offer?
The Steinmüller Africa Technical Training Academy provides apprenticeships, skills courses, learnerships, short courses and qualifications in technical occupations and trades, our range of programmes are include but are not limited to the following:

  • Welding

International Welder IIW

  • Boiler-making

Who do we train?

The academy provides training to its employees and the general public.
Each application is reviewed and approved on its own merit.

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