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Bilfinger Intervalve's workshop is equipped with manufacturing facilities and is therefore able to produce valves to specific customer requirements as well as repair and maintain existing valves quickly and efficiently.

Advanced services are provided by our workshop in Bethal. This is well situated with respect to all Central Highveld and Eastern Lowerveld industries. Sempell high pressure stop valves are drilled, assembled and tested adding local value to imported goods.
All work is performed according to our audited and approved Quality Policy Manual.


  • Inspection and non-destructive testing
  • Valve seat lapping and polishing
  • Coded welding including hard facing, metal deposition and stress relieving
  • Re-engineering of non available components (OEM spares are used wherever possible)
  • Precision machining of body seats and rebuilt parts
  • Valve assembly, pressure testing and certification to international standards
  • Safety valve repair and bench setting
  • Sootblower repair and refurbishing


Welding Bay

  • 2 Welding machines
  • 2 Stressing machines
  • 1 Drying out oven for electrodes
  • 1 Hot box
  • 1 Stressing furnace (2m X 11.5m X 1.5m) (800°C)

Machining Bay

  • 4 Lathes (250-350mm swing with 1.0 - 2.0m beds)
  • 1 Horrizontal boring mill with 1.0m facing ability
  • 1 Vertical boring mill 900mm chuck
  • 1 Radial arm drill
  • 2 Fixed jig drilling machines
  • 1 Fixed Lapping machine
  • 1 Pro Dual 40 lapping machine
  • 1 Optic lapping machine

Mobile Equipment

  • 1 Hauerwas gate valve lapping machine 0-600mm
  • 2 Ventiletti globe valve machines (0-150mm)
  • 2 Sempell VKS/VA 500 lapping machines
  • 1 Efco lapping machine (150mm - 400mm)
  • 2 Orbit 24 valve lapping machines
  • 1 Titan 24 horizontal Boring machine
  • Various hand tools for valve repair
  • Various cast iron lapping plates
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