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Engineering Services

Our highly-skilled Engineering teams are experts in analysing and designing coal, oil and gas fired boilers, pulverised fuel burners, High Pressure and Temperature (HP/T) piping, HP and LP heaters, process equipment as well as other pressure parts. Other fields of expertise are the analysis of various power cycles, the optimisation of the boiler island as well as plant testing and commissioning services. Besides these direct services to the client, our Engineers also support our manufacturing and maintenance services teams to deliver complete solutions with the lowest possible life cycle cost.

Process Engineering

  • Boiler and heat exchanger process design
  • Reviews and investigations of steam generating and reticulating plants resulting in plant optimisation solutions
  • Numerical analysis of thermal  systems, and fluid dynamic analysis
  • Fuel analysis and combustion modelling

Mechanical Engineering

  • Specialised design of fired and unfired pressure parts
  • Execution of plant audits including performance optimisation, modifications and life extension studies
  • Implementation of maintenance engineering system

Piping Engineering

  • Design of high-pressure piping systems (existing and new thermal power stations)
  • Life cycle optimisation solutions

Drawing Office

  • Translation of client requirements and in-house designs into executable plans using the latest technology including SmartPlant, Inventor (parametric design), Cadworx and 3D laser scanning
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