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We appreciate the contribution you make as an electrician, electronics technician or member of a similar profession to our common success. This is why we want to support you in your ongoing professional development. To do so, we have created a work environment where you can see the results of your work, shape your own success, and be inspired and motivated. The electrical department at Bilfinger combines different benefits to create a career field that offers not only flexible working hours options and personal support, but may also provide you with the opportunity to work abroad. Innovation in the electrical area is not a matter of chance; instead, it is the result of experience, professional expertise and a pioneering spirit – which is why we need you.

Electrical at Bilfinger:
Jobs for Energetic Workers

Optimizing large-scale industrial systems in the process industry is a key business area at Bilfinger. In the electrical department, you will use your expertise to ensure these systems run reliably. The electrical sector has many different sectors and duties, including controlling electronic industrial systems, installing electrotechnical components, monitoring and planning the energy supply, and programming and installing specialized software. You will either be working on indoor or outdoor systems depending on your expertise.

Bilfinger's many years of experience in the areas of electrical, electronics, automation, instrumentation, power plants and supply also allow you to expand your professional expertise. As part of our international expert team of engineers, technicians, craftsmen and fitters, you will support customers throughout every phase of a project along the entire supply chain and grow to meet the challenges you will face along the way.


Are you switched on by team spirit and ready to make a difference in the process industry? Then become part of something big and launch your success story at Bilfinger today:

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Just one of our many electrical projects

Update for the Largest Welsh Hydroelectric Plant
The Ffestiniog power plant plays a major role in the Northern Welsh power supply. The seamless and efficient replacement of two power plant units is essential to ensure the future stability of the network system. Bilfinger is investing millions of euros in mechanical and electrical maintenance services and is overhauling the power plant's vertical generator, turbine system and control systems in the machine units. Experts from Bilfinger UK are renovating the electrical infrastructure, including the safety system and transformer control boards, and are blasting the spiral turbine housing and internal pump components. A project team of up to 40 employees will give the system a new coat of paint and remove asbestos.

Our Benefits

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We are looking for applicants in the following areas, among others:

  • Electrical
  • Regulation technology
  • Energy technology
  • Process control engineering
  • System technology
  • Industrial engineering
  • Automation/automation technology
  • Measurement technology
  • Building services
  • Drive technology
  • Service technician

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