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Oil & Gas


60 years of experience

as a competent partner to the oil and gas industry

For decades, Bilfinger has successfully partnered with oil and gas companies worldwide to deliver upstream, midstream and downstream industrial services to customers of all sizes. Our 360-degree approach provides onshore and offshore companies with end-to-end solutions for the full cycle of oil and gas infrastructure. This extends from constructability to startup and beyond the build to maintenance, reliability and specialty craft services.

The energy transition demands big changes. Whether you’re a refiner adapting to produce low-Sulphur fuels or a petrochemical company looking to bio-based feedstocks as sustainable alternatives to traditional petrochemical products, think Bilfinger. Our extensive experience is helping companies across the globe make the right choices and implement them successfully. 

Let Bilfinger help you forge a more sustainable and efficient future. Our global proficiency in low-carbon projects and technologies can help you drive energy efficiencies and reduce emissions.



Bilfinger provides asset integrity, maintenance and construction services for offshore operations. Our vast footprint and established onshore presence support multi-disciplined teams across offshore platforms and assets throughout the US and the UK. Companies with the toughest logistics, economic and technical challenges rely on our decades of experience to support projects extending from land to the deepest waters


Bilfinger is equipped to be your partner of choice for developing and executing projects ranging from gas processing plants to compression stations and underground storage. Our technology portfolio and extensive experience support your requirements for processes such as water and hydrocarbon dew-point adjustment, Sulphur and mercury removal, CO2 removal and multiphase separation.

Downstream market

Downstream companies of all sizes rely on Bilfinger as a strategic partner for their asset management needs. Our fully integrated solutions and multi-disciplined experts support you at every stage of your asset’s life cycle, from fabrication through routine in-service inspection to decommissioning.

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