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Compliance in Finland


We understand compliance as the adherence to all applicable laws, internal policies, internationally recognized standards of behavior and voluntary commitments in all our business activities. We view compliant behavior as central to successful business development. Integrity and compliance are therefore integral components of Bilfinger’s strategy and corporate culture. We don’t compromise in this regard. For this reason, the creation and maintenance of a first-class compliance system is of the utmost importance. Here, the focus is on anti-corruption, anti-trust and data protection, because these areas can impact our business activities significantly.

Our compliance program is built on integrity in dealing with customers, suppliers, business partners and colleagues. It forms the basis for our corporate culture.

The goal of the compliance program is, above all else, to prevent future misconduct. To this end, Bilfinger relies primarily on information, communications, clear policies, training, supporting compliance IT tools as well as specific, practical compliance accompaniment and consulting for employees. In addition to the regular analysis and evaluation of compliance risk factors, increasing our employees’ awareness of possible compliance violations is also a focus.

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Compliance violations may cause considerable damage to Bilfinger. The improper conduct of individual members of staff may jeopardize our success, and destroy many jobs as well as the company's image. We in the Compliance team want to prevent this.

Are you aware of definite information about Compliance violations concerning Bilfinger?

We want to protect the company and its staff and we are providing you with the opportunity to actively help us to do so. If you wish, you may send your information to us in complete anonymity.

Confidential Reporting Line

Our Bilfinger Compliance Communications provides you with a state-of-the-art reporting and communications system. By setting up and using a postbox you can also actively help us to clear up suspected cases. This is the case even if you wish to remain anonymous. After submitting the report, you will have the option of setting up the secured postbox. Corresponding explanations will be provided after submitting the report.

You may also use our Confidential Reporting Telephone-hotline, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, operating in multiple languages. The Confidential Reporting Line is managed by an independent service provider.

00800 – B-I-L-F-I-N-G-E-R 
(00800 - 245 34 64 37)

As part of our commitment to following the principals contained in the Bilfinger Code of Conduct, we expect our business partners to follow comparable standards in their conduct.
Our expectations are set out here, in our Vendor Declaration, which you are contractually obliged to follow.

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