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Our customers come from the industrial sector, waste management, agriculture, forestry and other industries. They use a variety of substrate compositions, resulting in sophisticated technical requirements for biogas production. Regardless of the type of plant, Bilfinger is the ideal partner for all project phases all over the world.


Our submarkets in the biogas sector

Agricultural biogas market

Bilfinger helps farms successfully implement biogas projects on any scale.

Industrial biogas market

Industrial biogas projects require expert knowledge. Bilfinger meets this requirement with years of experience and professional project management. Even major projects can be optimally managed with in-house expertise.

Our services for the biogas market

  • Plants with wet or dry fermentation
  • Mechanical-biological treatment (MBT)
  • Compressor stations for biogas transport
  • Transfer stations for feeding biogas into the natural gas grid
  • Micro gas networks
  • Higher-level automation systems
  • Data acquisition for fault analysis
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