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Bilfinger Bohr- & Rohrtechnik | Bilfinger Industrial Services | Bilfinger Life Science

Bilfinger in Austria offers a comprehensive portfolio from planning and production to the construction and maintenance of process plants, which reduces interfaces and thus increases the efficiency of project execution. 

As part of the Bilfinger Group, we have a strong global network with extensive know-how and many years of experience. This cooperation enables us to respond to the needs of our customers worldwide. Our facilities help improve the quality of life and conserve resources. 

Below you will find specific information on the various Bilfinger companies and their services in Austria:

  • Bilfinger Bohr- und Rohrtechnik
    Plant Engineering and Construction in the segments of Energy, Commercial Heat, Technologies, Oil and Gas, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, and Nutrition
  • Bilfinger Industrial Services
    Industrial service providers from Plant Construction to Maintenance in the Commercial Heat, Power, Metallurgy, EI&C, Pharma, Oil and Gas, Chemical/Petrochemical sectors.
  • Bilfinger Life Science
    Engineering Process Units in the Pharma/Biopharma, Nutrition and Pure Water segments
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Our Products


Our Bilfinger Inspection Solution (BIS) combines various inspection and supporting services into an efficient, single-interface solution for our customers.

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With decades of experience, we are in a position to offer our customers a full range of engineering services. These include concept, basic, detail and process design engineering. 

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Electrical and Instrumentation and Control (E&IC)

As a competent and manufacturer-independent service provider, we are aware of the sensitivity of your production plants and the importance of electrical, instrumentation and control technology (E&IC).

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We support our customers in the digital transformation of their work processes, develop intelligent systems for data collection and analysis, reduce costs through the implementation of digital systems and increase the efficiency of their plants.

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Our Markets


From planning to engineering and from installation to maintenance, we offer a full range of services in the energy sector.

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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Bilfinger helps companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries find and implement solutions to make their plants more sustainable, efficient and future-proof.

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Bilfinger is a reliable and experienced partner to the food industry. With extensive expertise in process and procedural design, plant construction, assembly, we offer our customers comprehensive services from a single source.

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Pharma & Biopharma

As a plant engineering company for process plants, we use tried-and-tested project management and structured working methods to realize demanding large-scale projects with tight deadlines.

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Pure Water

Bilfinger offers customized solutions and a wide range of equipment perfectly suited for the production of semiconductors, batteries and other pure water applications.

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Oil & Gas

Bilfinger is an experienced partner to the global oil and gas market, providing upstream, midstream and downstream industrial services to clients of all sizes.

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Working at Bilfinger Austria

Bilfinger ultra-pure water and wastewater treatment plant ensures the efficient and environmentally-friendly production of semiconductors

  • Full service for microelectronics suppliers that is unique in Europe
  • Recovery of valuable raw materials and neutralization of pollutants
  • Order volume in the mid double-digit million euro range
  • Contribution to safeguarding Europe’s semiconductor supply

Salzburg, Austria. That is actually gold shining down there in the wastewater. The particles may be tiny, but it’s definitely worth recovering the yellow metal from industrial wastewater. Around 1 million cubic meters of process water is used annually in the production facilities of a well-known European microelectronics supplier, and it is possible to recover gold valued at around €70,000. The precious metal accumulates in the wastewater by the kilo as the years go by. In addition, there are other valuable raw materials such as palladium, nickel and copper. The recovery of these metals is made profitable by the highly efficient wastewater treatment plant from Bilfinger, a system that the high-tech customer is using to equip the production facility currently under construction.

Bilfinger is the only supplier in Europe capable of providing the semiconductor component specialist with a complete solution for ultra-pure water and wastewater treatment, including piping construction. The order, which is valued in the mid double-digit million euro range, includes turnkey construction of the complex plant as well as the complete piping system with a length of almost 60 kilometers.

“The European semiconductor industry has enormous market potential for Bilfinger’s sustainable and efficient solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience in plant development for sustainable water treatment and resource-saving use of ultra-pure water, we are in an excellent position to support our customers as a reliable solution partner. Our extensive expertise means that we can meet the stringent requirements that prevail in this industry and make a positive contribution to environmental and economic sustainability”, says Bilfinger Group CEO Thomas Schulz.

The ultra-pure water and wastewater treatment plant that Bilfinger builds for suppliers of semiconductor components is essential for the smooth, environmentally-friendly and profitable operation of the highly competitive computer parts manufacturing industry, which includes cleaning and etching processes. It consists of hundreds of individual components, including pumps, filters, heat exchangers and electrical equipment.

The untreated water used for production is first purified in the ultra-pure water plant to remove foreign substances, since these can interfere with the sensitive manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process, numerous highly effective chemicals enter the ultra-pure and process water. These must be removed at the end of production so that the wastewater can be disposed of in the most environment-friendly way possible and in compliance with strict European standards.

Ultra-pure water (UPW) is produced by processing highly-purified water (HPW) in ultrahigh-purity pipelines. Impurities, minerals, microorganisms and traces of organic and inorganic chemicals are removed, producing specification-quality water for use in microelectronics manufacturing. Water treatment processes used include activated carbon filters, electrodeionization, disinfection by UV irradiation and osmosis.

One special challenge in this major project is to install the ultra-pure water plant on site in a very tight construction period, while the entire production facility is still under construction. Once completed, clean room conditions must be ensured, because even the smallest dust particles can disrupt the production process.

The wastewater generated in microelectronics production is treated one step at a time in more than 100 basins and tanks in a complex process that is monitored and documented around the clock. The plant must be able to react flexibly at all times to the composition and concentration of foreign substances in the wastewater so that chemicals and raw materials can be removed efficiently and in compliance with the legal limits. These materials include acids, alkalis and heavy metals.

Bilfinger relies on the advanced biochemical process knowledge that the Group has gained internationally in many similar projects for the flocculation, neutralization and recovery of the foreign substances. Roughly 50 engineers and around 90 fitters from Bilfinger Life Science GmbH are currently working on this major project. With more than 500 employees, the Bilfinger business unit based in Salzburg, Austria, designs, manufactures and erects production facilities for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors as well as for the microelectronics industry and the food sector.

Ultra Pure Water Filtation Unit using High Purity PVDF Material

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Manager Group Communications

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