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Customers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors count on Bilfinger as a partner with decades of experience and the ability to manage a wide range of requirements. As plant constructors we use proven project management and structured work methodology to realize challenging large-scale projects with tight timeframes. Our professional solutions from a single source eliminate interface losses, set clear responsibilities and require minimal supervisory effort from supplier management.

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Bilfinger pharmaceutical plants produce biotechnologically processed products, mostly in the upstream / downstream / FFF process: mAbs, Cell&Gene, CART-T, vaccines, blood products, biosimilars and more.



Conventional Pharma

Synthetic drugs and processed natural and / or artificial active ingredients can be produced in Bilfinger pharmaceutical plants in compliance with strict GMP standards. Examples include tablets, prescription OTC medicines, classic prescription medicines and generics.



Regulated Consumer Healthcare

Bilfinger pharmaceutical plants are suitable for producing medical or medical-like products that are processed in a highly regulated pharma-like environment. Examples include antigen tests, applicator pens and OTC products for pharmacies.

The scaling of renewable energy and sector coupling are the challenges of our time. We have been successfully supporting our partners in the implementation of CO2 reduction projects for over two decades. Our many years of international experience and our know-how in the energy transition is your head start."

Tom KöhnECP Sales V at Bilfinger Life Science Automation GmbH

In planning and engineering, we take it upon ourselves to accompany the customer from the first vision to the finished plant. Complex tasks, from mechanical aspects to automation, make every project exciting and unique. Together with customers, suppliers & colleagues, we develop smart and efficient solutions to meet the high demands on quality and safety in the life science industry."

Nicole ForstenpointnerProcess Engineer at Bilfinger Life Science GmbH

Raw materials from waste cycles is our know-how in the environmental division of Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH. We love technology and innovation. For more than two decades, we have been supporting our partners in the successful implementation of their global visions from planning to commissioning. Our international experience is the guarantee for your success."

Per WegnerTeam Leader BT Biogas at Bilfinger Life Science Automation GmbH

Quality management is essential in the production of medicines or foodstuffs. That's why we check weld seams and pipelines very precisely when we build production plants."

Andreas KocherHead of welding and testing supervision at Bilfinger Life Science GmbH
Our services in pharma

Our services in pharma

  • Design-Build-Run
    With the design-build-run approach, we offer a complete package including design, manufacturing, assembly, qualification and commissioning. Our service and maintenance work on existing plants and systems protects your investment throughout your pharmaceutical plant’s life cycle.
  • Bioreactor systems and fermentation equipment
  • CIP/SIP systems
  • Solution preparation systems
  • Ultra-pure media systems
  • Purification systems

We are glad to have such an experienced business partner in construction industry as Bilfinger Tebodin, this cooperation will definitely help us effectively manage any possible challenges we can confront during this outstanding investment."

Kamil GarberaActing Operational Director at Polfa Tarchomin S.A.


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