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Diversity as
a Success Factor

Our motto as an employer is a promise to all our existing and future employees. This means that everyone is welcome at Bilfinger and contributes to the big picture - regardless of personal characteristics such as age, gender, attitude and experience, education, origin, religion, marital status, skin color or physical and mental abilities. Tolerance, respect and equal opportunities are a matter of course for us.

To underpin these values, Bilfinger has joined the Charta der vielfalt. Together with numerous other German companies, Bilfinger has set itself the task of actively promoting cultural change toward more diversity and equal opportunities by signing the Charter. 

As an international company offering diverse services, a wide range of products and an international workforce, diversity is the foundation for our success. The variety of experiences and personalities and integrating individual viewpoints into our company helps us remain innovative over the long term. The diversity of our employees is what helps us successfully master constantly changing challenges and continuously expand our market position.

“We make it work.
You make the difference.”

Our people

What our Employees say
on the Topic of Diversity

Diversity is the basis for Bilfinger's success as an international company with a wide range of services, a broad spectrum of activities and an international team."

Chakir Ben Tayeb Project Engineer

Prejudices and gender roles are already deeply rooted in the youngest generations. It is therefore important to eliminate these prejudices through communication and to promote an enthusiasm for the skilled trades. At Bilfinger, there is no discrimination based on gender. Equal opportunities are a matter of course here."

Sabrina RednerConstruction Mechanic in apparatus engineering
Equal Opportunity and Equality

Equal Opportunity for All


Equal opportunities are a matter of course at Bilfinger. We live a corporate culture in which no one is discriminated against on the basis of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ideology, disability or age. The only thing we consider when hiring for our jobs and for employees’ personal careers are the right qualifications.

All of our processes – hiring, compensation, development and promotion, and everyday work – are focused on securing equal opportunities for all at Bilfinger. To ensure the success of our company, we need diverse ideas, different personalities and a wide range of areas of expertise. Because of this, guaranteeing equal opportunity and diversity are of central importance for us. See it for yourself!

We Promote Equality


We strive for equality worldwide and take various measures to promote it. One example of our efforts is our goal to increase the proportion of women in management positions throughout the Group to at least 10 percent. We create a modern working environment for balancing career and family and support women through seminars and mentoring programs.

Our mentoring programs at Bilfinger promote the exchange of experience between employees from different areas and countries in order to support the transfer of knowledge and a change of perspective within the Group.

In the area of "Recruiting & Succession Planning", we are committed to more diverse recruiting and promotion, supported by a new global "HR Expert Network" to target talented employees from different backgrounds.

In order to make diversity at Bilfinger visible and to emphasize the importance of equality, we present employees from different regions and backgrounds in the "TeamBilfinger" portrait series to strengthen diversity at Bilfinger in an exemplary manner.

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