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11/23/2022 | Six steps to a CO2 master plan

"What are we doing wisely? A common question when it comes to investing in the energy and resource transition. Industrial companies want to become…

11/23/2022 | Gasunie goes for hydrogen

Suddenly things are moving at lightning speed: as early as 2023, Gasunie is laying a hydrogen network in the Netherlands. This network will largely…

11/23/2022 | Only with confidence do we break the labor market tightness

The shortage of technical workers has been alarming for some time. On top of that, the intake at various technical colleges remains below par. This…

11/23/2022 | Tata Steel working on DataDrivenSteel

Effective use of data can greatly improve your business processes. At Tata Steel, they know all about it. Menno van der Winden, General Manager…

10/25/2022 | Interview: "An awakeing comparable to the space race"
10/25/2022 | Demonstration plant: Industrial drying of hydrogen
10/25/2022 | Feasibility Study: Giving green mobility a boost
07/05/2022 | Occupational safety in the industrial service: "Sustainability means safety first"
07/05/2022 | The Bilfinger Safety Award: New ideas to help us get better
07/05/2022 | Occupational safety campaigns: The nuts and bolts: Permanent awareness

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